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  • Comau Open Gate Alfa Romeo Cassino

    Robots on the rise


    Advances in robotics go hand in hand with new approaches to automotive manufacturing, writes Chris Pickering The automotive industry is at a crossroads. Ahead lays the most radical shake-up in a generation, with disruptive trends such as electrification, autonomous driving and lightweight materials bringing opportunity and uncertainty in equal measure. ...

  • AutoDrive SA

    Arc-welding aluminium: challenges and solutions


    Lincoln Electric’s Tim Hurley and Michael Klee look at how the number of aluminium structures in BEVs can create new challenges to those unaccustomed to welding the metal AutoDrive SA With the increasing number of electric vehicles that are being developed and introduced to the automotive market, vehicle ...


    Switched on to new EV processes


    The boost in electric vehicles poses challenges for traditional manufacturing. ABB’s Michael Larsson explains how robotic automation can help solve them What are some of the latest key trends in the electric vehicle (EV) market? Technological advances coupled with regulatory pressures on internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles are leading ...

  • OP60 copy

    The role of the rotor shaft


    EMAG explains how, as studies predict rapid growth in electromobility, it’s clear that mechanical engineering has a central part to play According to the Center of Automotive Management, sales of electric cars in China and the US massively increased last year. In Germany, the market share doubled at a ...

  • Generation EQ

    Smarter EV production


    As it launches ‘electric intelligence’ models, Mercedes-Benz is also adapting its factories for flexible production At first there was some confusion over what Mercedes-Benz meant when it announced that it was creating an ‘EQ’ division. Was it to be a line-up of cars which would directly challenge BMW’s i models, ...

  • Opel Zaragoza Plant

    Opel Zaragoza plant hits milestone


    Spain - The 13-millionth car, an Opel Crossland X, has rolled off a production at the plant. Zaragoza is the company's biggest production facility in Europe, and has been in operation since 1982. "Our day to day focus is on how to get our customers the best product in the ...

  • Adient Cadillac seats

    Adient and Arvind to open facility


    India - The two companies are joining forces to create Adient Arvind Automotive Fabrics - a joint venture company that will develop, manufacture and sell fabrics for vehicle seating systems in India. The first plant will be located in Ahmedabad, and will serve both domestic and international OEMs. "Adient is ...

  • ABB spot welding technology at Scania plant in Oskarshamn

    Spotting an opportunity


    Steed Webzell talks to major players in joining, automation and materials technologies to get their take on the future of spot welding ABB spot welding technology at Scania's plant in Oskarshamn According to a Technavio 2017 report, spot welding is the most popular type of robotic welding, generating more ...

  • plastics welding

    Joined-up thinking


    The welding of plastics and other non-metallic materials is now well established as a fabrication technique for automotive components The welding of non-metallic materials is frequently used to create parts such as cabin consoles, lights and mirror assemblies, intake manifolds and fluid reservoirs, including fuel tanks. However, despite being a ...

  • NIMAK robot welding guns

    New welding technology


    According to NIMAK its new generation of robot welding guns are designed to meet the requirements of multi-material mix and use in large-scale production for conventional steel applications. The company points out that these are based on a centralised motor and gear unit that reduces weight and lowers interference contours ...

  • Audi FAW paintshop Changchun

    The secret behind the shine


    ABB Robotics is helping Audi achieve high levels of quality and consistency in its sealing and coating operation With automated painting processes at Audi’s plant in Changchun, China, clean and shining Audi A4Ls are rolling out one by one. This paintshop includes under-body coating, interior seam sealing, cosmetic sealing and ...

  • FANUC Dual-arc-welding-laser guided

    Seeing things clearly


    AMS reports on the most recent developments in the use of machine vision technology for quality control applications in automotive manufacturing In response to rapid and sustained improvements in machine vision technologies, a growing number of automotive manufacturing OEMs and suppliers are now deploying such systems in a wider ...

  • Article

    The inside story


    EcoInCure, a new body drying process developed by Dürr, permits the best possible top coat appearance and maximum process reliability EcoInCure is a new body drying process developed by Dürr which heats and cools bodies from the inside. It’s a technology that meets all the requirements for future ...

  • 1_Gear_welding

    Fibre laser solutions for challenging applications in the automotive industry


    High brightness fibre lasers are enabling improved performance in many applications in automotive industry – even the more challenging, such as welding of zinc-coated steel. In this webinar, we discuss how to select the most suitable laser technology for specific automotive applications, taking into account the latest developments ...

  • NAIAS 2017 luxury by design detail

    Seating plan


    Adient CTO Detlef Juerss talks to AMS about the company’s sure and steady approach to new and complex challengesAmong all the exhibits at the IAA international motor show in Frankfurt, a seat that Adient produces for the BMW 7-Series ably exemplifies a modern automotive manufacturing challenge – to combine precision ...

  • Tenneco's Elastomer Solutions

    Parts of the process


    Tenneco CTO Ben Patel talks to AMS about the company’s approach to perfecting process, sharing best practice and mastering materialsSpinning off from a multi-sector conglomerate enterprise in the 1990s, the Tenneco of today takes it manufacturing focus along two distinct component groups. The clean air line features exhaust systems, catalytic ...

  • Steel coil, Tata Port Talbot

    Still going strong


    As November marks the 40th anniversary of the original press-hardened steel patent, AMS takes a look at how the technology has evolved and where it is heading next in an era of mixed-material vehicle productionThe overriding merit of press-hardened steel (PHS) has always been the unique combination of formability, ultra ...

  • Higher-strength steels in the 2017 Chrysler Pacifica’s body structure account for most of its weight reduction.

    Body conscious


    The growing trend for OEMs opting for AHSS components has surpassed the expectations of steelmakers Audi’s decision to use a mass-produced carbon-fibre-reinforced plastic (CFRP) part in the body structure of its A8 may have secured many headlines, but the company’s extensive use of steel rather than aluminium in this model ...

  • Nissan Leaf

    Nissan to grow new Leaf production


    UK/US – Manufacture will begin at Sunderland in northern England and Smyrna, Tennessee, with these two locations joining Nissan Oppama, Japan, in the production of the new-generation vehicle by the end of 2017. “We’re proud to continue manufacturing the Nissan Leaf at three plants globally,” said Fumiaki Matsumoto, executive vice-president ...

  • Volvo S90 pre-production, Daqing of the new Volvo S90 in the Daqing manufacturing plant

    Getting the green light


    Under government pressure, domestic and international OEMs in China are switching to new-energy vehicles US vehicle manufacturers Premium European brands European high-volume makers Japanese and Korean OEMs Motorcycle producers Suppliers The origins of Chinese vehicle manufacturing are rooted in technology transfers from European, US ...