Daifuku SPDR temporary storage and sortation systemSaid to have been developed to meet the needs of the automotive industry, Daifuku’s SPDR temporary storage and sortation systems for spare parts features an automated robotic arm, which automatically lowers and raises to grasp a range of tote sizes, and it’s claimed is suitable for kitting operations. Daifuku says the arm mechanism is a proprietary technology and is the world’s first to handle cases of varying sizes.

The company says this system is based on a framework which enables movement in four directions and requiring no racking. The system stacks cases directly onto the floor of any open area within the support columns and is said to offer a throughput of up to 80 storage and retrieval cycles per hour, with a maximum storage height of 7m. It’s claimed the SPDR can handle most commercially available containers, which can weigh up to 20kg individually and up to 150kg in total as a stack.