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    Orion plant is GM’s quality control star


    We reveal how GM maintains a high level of quality control during painting procedures at the manufacturer’s Michigan plant Technology & painting phasesA global perspectiveModernising ageing installationsA fresh perspectiveA new paintshop in FairfaxA little over a year ago, quality control procedures at the General Motors Orion Assembly Plant in Michigan ...

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    Perfecting primerless painting PSA-style


    Measuring successAlthough it started out producing pepper grinders, and then expanded its portfolio to include bicycles, PSA Peugeot Citroën is now Europe’s second largest car manufacturer. The Poissy site just outside Paris is where France’s first ever compact water-based painting process has been installed, and is regualated by an ABB ...

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    Variations on a colour theme


    Limitless possibilitiesPSA’s Pierre Budar explains how production of the new Citroën DS3 hatchback has been organised to allow for the car’s twotone paint finish.The DS3 is the first model in Citroën’s new line which will ultimately feature three distinctively styled cars; DS3, DS4 and DS5. Key to their appeal is ...

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    PaintExpo covers the bases


    adphos Innovative TechnologiesErichsenHarterInfraBioTechCSF FoerderanlagenVollert AnlagenbauChemische Werke KlutheCMA RoboticsThe industrial paints market is looking better than it has done for the past year. AMS previews PaintExpo, one of the year’s top paint and coatings events.Recent figures suggest that the automotive market has passed the worst of the downturn. As markets strengthen, ...

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    Rust never sleeps


    With five and seven year corrosion warranties being offered on many cars, the need for e-coat protection has never been greater Always aheadProtection and support with a global reachFor over 40 years, e-coats have been protecting cars from corrosion. BASF Coatings has now landed a coup with CathoGuard 800 and ...

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    Painting the world as we see and feel it


    Colours can have a profound influence on people and subtly influence their car buying decisions; two young designers talk about their view of the changing demographics of colour The new eco-drivers: Guardians of the earthTime for something new, or the joy of experimentingTurning old into new, or: Beyond silverTurbulence, crisis, ...

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    Quality kept under wraps


    A revolutionary paint protection system may have come at just the right time for OEMs, as WGI’s Ronald Green explainsDemand and developmentWhy post-paintshop?The solution – ‘cover in a can’Applying the film – how much for the paintshop?Density and curingRemoving the filmThe time is right to wrapWalker Group Incorporated (WGI) is ...

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    Its all over for overspray – and the solution is positively charged


    Intelligent use of electrostatic separation means no more wet scrubbing or filtration to recover overspray, saving energy and ‘greening’ the paint process furtherThe basic principles of E-scrubEnergy-efficient and environmentally beneficialQuality and reliability in productionSimple retrofit, rapid amortizationNational and International AwardsA network of excellenceBoost efficiency, save energy, avoid CO2 emissions – ...

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    Total turnkey paintshops in India


    As production grows rapidly in India, enterprising suppliers have come up with imaginative solutions to finishing system challengesTata paintshopRebuilding at MarutiTwo wheeler space savingTrial painting trims ramp-up timeIndia is one of the most exciting areas of automotive production in the world, with domestic and transplant OEMs taking advantage of the ...

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    Summer of success at VW Sachsen


    When the carmaker needed complete reconstruction of two topcoat lines in the factory’s standard vacation period, it turned to Durr for paintshop buildingTight scheduleHeavy haulingMission accomplished! With these two words, project manager Ralf Gildhorn announced on 12 August 2008 the successful end of the greatest summer reconstruction including robots in ...

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    Volkswagen opts for sustainable dry separation


    The German carmaker and its supplier partner drive their green manufacturing message abroad by opting for Dürr’s EcoDryScrubber systemSupplier partner lead the wayUp to 150,000 vehicles a year will roll off the production line at Volkswagen AG’s new plant at Chattanooga in the state of Tennessee, US from 2011. EcoDryScrubber, ...

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    Eco-efficient and agile


    Geico's Ali Reza Arabnia explains how it is working to revolutionise its customers’ paintshop operations and of his dream of total plant energy self-sufficiencyGlobal expertise, local contentConcentrating on core competenceBalancing business with energy savingDr. Arabnia manages to combine the zeal of an ecowarrior with the sharp business sense of a ...

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    A green and better paint finish at Mazda


    Reducing VOCs and CO2 emissions have been contradictory aims in paintshop for many years, but Mazda has come up with a revolutionary solutionCleaner plant and brighter finishesEnergy saving flash off processMazda Motor Corporation recently announced the successful launch of the newly developed Aqua-tech Paint System for vehicle body painting at ...

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    Special customers, special cars, special coatings


    Audi uses a mix of robot and manual spraying, matching and inspection on mixed material substrates to give its customers a range of colours and effects, as two of its heads of paint operations explainSelling cars in the ‘mid-premium-sports’ sector of the market combines the challenges of satisfying increasingly sophisticated ...

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    Editor's Note: Automotive Paintshop Solutions


    Customer colour choices and expectationsIn the present tough economic climate, the paintshop community could be forgiven for concentrating on cost cutting, streamlining operations and even looking for opportunities to ‘manualise’ some paint operations.As equipment budgets tighten and line workers are laid off from assembly work, they could possibly be available ...

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    AMS 10th Anniversary: Paintshop


    Environmental concernsNew products for old plantsCutting emissionsNew plants lead the waySmooth finishThe early years of this decade saw paint solution providers introduce a series of new preparation and application techniques. For their part, OEM carmakers analyzed the new products and technologies with growing interest but, with the exception of a ...

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    In the heat of the moment


    Infrared heating has enabled the paintshop to keep up with the demands of increased production meaning that these days you can watch paint dry in next to no timeMedium-wave means minutesWide applicationFitting the billSince its introduction in the 1950s, the application of infrared heating has increased in the automotive industry. ...

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    Editor's Note: Automotive Paintshop Solutions


    Implementing effective paint shop strategies has never been more vital to capturing the customer’s attention and loyalty, and keeping cost down and efficiency up. From the ever-increasing expectations of the end user to the need to protect the environment in material and energy usage, the challenges for the automotive paint ...

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    Stuck on you


    How the process worksA new development from 3M is claimed to revolutionise paint detail on vehicles with its design possibilitiesAnew concept in vehicle enhancement solutions has been introduced by 3M, which will improve the appearance and appeal of vehicles. The concept offers unlimited design possibilities to OEM designers and stylists ...

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    Coatings that are up to scratch


    Nature's wayRefinish with reboundOne-component marketTipping the nanoscalesEven a tiny scratch can spoil the look of a good paint finish, so BASF Coatings has studied how nature resists at the nanoscale and come up with a new optionIn addition to its original protective function, the marketing significance of a vehicle’s finish ...