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    Pigs in the paint shop


    VarioBell at Rehau Robots on the inside Plastic component supplier Rehau and BMW have both benefited from the latest paint line technology supplied by Eisenmann. And it’s based on a pigging system that enables rapid paint changes with little loss Surface finishing is one of ...

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    Mix and match and measure


    No more trial and errorProblem solvingThe growing catalogue of effect paints now flooding the automotive market means matching and measuring colour is more of a challenge than ever. X-Rite has come up with a new tool which it says will make the job easierX-Rite has launched its xDNA system with ...

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    Snow-jet cleaning system


    System had to be reliable, above allFast and flexibleOptimum results with the patented cleaning headA subcontractor is using a CO2 snow-jet cleaning system integrated into the manufacturing process, instead of a powerwash system to clean plastic parts for the motor vehicle industry. This reduces both operating costs and rejects caused ...

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    Keeping things under control


    Quick start upFast and flexibleABB has released its new IRC5P controller, an integrated system that makes painting processes more flexible, give users more control over the entire system and makes coating more efficientThe latest version of ABB’s PC-based software for configuring and operating painting installations – IRC5P – offers outstanding ...

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    Plasma for the perfect finish


    Activating and cleaning surfacesBonding to polymerVehicle partsCorrosion protectionIf a brand is to score it needs to look good and this means that pre-treatment prior to the final surface coating is essential. One way to achieve this is through the high activation of surfaces using atmospheric pressure plasma. The process, using ...

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    A new scheme for colour


    Increasing demandThermoforming and mouldingLearning processHigh-volume productionPaint-free technology for automotive applications is moving forward at a rapid pace, driven by a need for environmentally-friendly and cost-effective alternatives to traditional painting operations. Paint films provide huge benefits, such as the elimination of paint lines and their associated emissions of Volatile Organic Compounds ...

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    Keeping down the costs


    New campusEnergy savingsCost controlCool ideasSmaller boothsChemicals and coatingsPaint-shop experts Dürr and Eisenmann are maintaining their position in the market during these difficult times by embracing the energy-saving and sustainable technologyWhen 90 per cent of your business is accounted for by one industry you have to be certain that it is ...

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    Gone in 60 seconds


    Finding the energyThree-wetPride in the pre-treatmentLocal solutions to legislationScratching the surfaceFinding the right cureLessons in lightnessFord’s first Model Ts came in grey, red and Brewster Green, but the paint shop that Mark Nichols, the OEM's Technical Leader of Paint Research, knows is used to a lot more varietyThere is no ...

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    Making a clean job of car coating


    Efficient coatingOstrich feathersPowder coat expertiseRust never sleepsBMW’s Leipzig plant employs up-to date paint shop technology to ensure each car finishes up to the highest standard and does so with minimal environmental impactNowhere is this more obvious than in the paint shop, which backs modern processes with the latest environmental credentials, ...

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    An industry up in the air


    Damage limitationNew European legislationRegulation outside EuropeSwitch to waterborne paints in EuropeEnergy costs and system choiceOxidizers and VOCsFuture legislationThe paint shop accounts for almost all the VOCs coming out of a car plant. AMS considers the range of air quality legislation around the world and the ways that vehicle manufacturers are ...

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    Upgrading with IGRIP


    Delmia has implemented software solutions to upgrade the paint lines at Caterpillar’s facility in Decatur, Illinois, where a number of new robots have been installed requiring intensive re-programmingModified relationshipsWhen Caterpillar wanted to upgrade its robotic paint line it was agreed that utilising the Delmia IGRIP software with the UltraPaint add-on ...