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    When worlds collide


    Exploiting the synergies Speed is of the essence The breeding ground for leading technology Putting learning experiences into practise While Formula One and the automotive industry have diverged on chassis technology, the transfer of ideas is alive and well in powertrain development. But F1 teams do not necessarily lead the ...

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    No strings attached


    Realistic parameters Fobs and flashes No margin for error ZigBee Mesh networks Bluetooth capacity Practical wireless control solutions for auto manufacturing and what the future holds for this technology It would be something of a finance officer’s dream if automated factories could be controlled from a central point. Whether it ...

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    A desire named street car


    A potential for frictionThe future is plasticPassing on the skillsTechology transferRunning a Grand Prix racing team is not a cheap exercise, but carmakers involved in this most elite of motor sports are counting on the spin-offs of technology transfer to their commercial productsThe link between racing teams and carmakers has ...

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    Skills training


    Raising the barUp-skilling the staffIn a world preoccupied with the principles of lean manufacturing, a new generation of the workforce has emerged that needs to be given the tools – through skills training – to meet an increasingly important roleAlmost a quarter of a million people are employed by the ...

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    Adding a bit of local colour at Toyota


    Localising TPSEuropean supplyLean productionOne model diversityPotential beyond YarisFocus on the localLevels of automationEnvironmental challengesDesign for the futureThe Toyota Production System is a global success thanks to its customisation on a local level, and nowhere is this more evident than at the company’s Valenciennes plant in France. AMS talks to TMMF ...

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    Civic interest in Honda grows


    Both lines are running at full production “Overtime should be the exception, not the rule” Global platforms for new model introductions Working in tandem with suppliers The success of Honda’s Civic and CR-V models has been nothing short of phenomenal, and production at its UK manufacturing facility has reached capacity ...

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    Lille and large - regional focus


    PSA at Valenciennes MCP manufacture Suppliers in step with assembly CRITT M2A Bridgestone Competition breeds creativity Labour intensive production Bridgestone BIRD Renault at DouaiD Safety and ergonomics French bastion/span C-Segment production Environmental impact Toyotomi Europe Yaris supply Faurecia The northern French region of Nord-Pas-de-Calais is a prodigious centre of car ...

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    ‘Virtual human’ tool improves ergonomics


    Ergonomics is the hot topic of the day Possible postures are automatically displayed An ergonomically designed workstation makes work positions more comfortable for employees – and it pays dividends by increasing productivity. Volkswagen has implemented a virtual human software program at its Wolfsburg plant ...

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    Law and order at Lexus


    Continuous improvement in KyushuQuality policeMiyata complexInnovations on the lineIts fight for the title of No. 1 global carmaker is putting pressure on the Toyota Production System, but if any incentive were needed for further improvements in quality, it can be found in the Miyata Lexus complex in KyushuThe Toyota Production ...

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    Great shakes in the Great Lakes


    Ontario has the honour of being the largest automotive production hub in North America, with a vibrant economy and a regional government that is very proactive in attracting investors to the regionMajor investments made in OntarioBig players in the supplier sectorLinking and private sector and research facilitiesSuppliers a vital part ...

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    A new design on production


    At the Frankfurt Motor Show in September, Renault proudly showed its latest-generation D-segment car, the Laguna III. AMS caught up with Jean-Louis Ricaud, Executive Vice President, Quality and Engineering (Vehicle and Powertrain) to learn how design for manufacturing is being implemented at the Sandouville plantAMS: As a member of the ...

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    Making gains at Genk


    At Ford of Europe’s flagship facility in Belgium investment in flexible production and supply has made the plant one of the company’s most successful operationsTeam workCornerstone of productionStamping and constructionError-proofing and testingPaint shop perfectionThree-step assemblyFord of Europe has increased the production and process capacity at its seven vehicle assembly plants ...

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    As the wheel turns for Ford


    Globalisation takes on a new dimension as Ford rationalises its platform strategy with baseplates from around the world, as international executive Bill Osborne explainsCompetitiveness is still a major goalConsolidations and restructuringProfitable product kept on the roadA global focus on the futureSeptember 5 marked a full year since the Ford Motor ...

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    India’s sunrise sector


    The Indian government is on a mission to make its booming automotive industry a world contender. The country is encouraging the development of affordable and efficient vehicles, and carmakers are responding with keen interestFramework for future growthStatistics – where are we nowExport demand growingMaruti fights cornerHyundai’s small car hubTata’s small ...

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    Seamless integration at Jaguar


    When Jaguar closed down its Browns Lane facility in the UK recently, it had the daunting task of moving final assembly of its XK model to the nearby Castle Bromwich plant. It called on conveyor supplier Dürr to help solve the problem.Process of assembly has been improvedSuccesses to dateThe closure ...

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    Trucking’s new titans


    China’s commercial vehicle market is keeping pace with the boom but don’t expect to see Chinese trucks in the West. Meanwhile, a robust economy and keen interest in Indian vehicles is driving sales for the country’s commercial vehicle makersOverloaded roadsTechnology transferBrand loyaltyExport marketsWith all those outbound container ships laden with ...

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    Big Three must adapt or die


    Analysts have warned that the Big Three vehicle makers have to examine and adapt their business models, or risk losing even greater market share to non-American OEMs New business model is necessary Getting the best out of suppliers What the unions really want New products may help regain market share ...

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    Leaping networks at a single bound


    Information standardisation means the protocol CIP Safety can easily transfer for use on EtherNet/IP. AMS reports on an open standard network solution for the factory floor Protocol friendly CIP safety: how does it work? Plant productivity benefits? Following the success of CIP Safety’s adoption by DeviceNet users in the automotive ...

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    Good ol’ boys?


    While F1 snobs in Europe may turn up their noses, a lot can be learned from the popular US-based NASCAR series. Charlie Bamber, Managing Director of Oxfordshire-based MCT takes the alternative view Necessity is the mother of invention Beyond the cutting edge NASCAR is often looked down upon by European ...

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    Very rapid prototyping


    Formula 1 is the pinnacle of motor sport, but does it have any real world value to the automotive companies involved?AMS talks to Julian Reed, Head of Manufacturing at the ING Renault F1 teamEntente car-dialPrudent productionMajor assembly operationOne hundred per cent inspectionInnovation in production processesThe shape of a 2007 Formula ...