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    Culture club delivers


    With the launch of the new Freelander, Ford’s Halewood plant has come back from the brink of disaster to become one of best examples of quality manufacturing the company has Change for the better Gateway Process Meeting deadlines Quality supply Benchmark pressing Efficient welding Paint flow Trim and final assembly ...

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    Flanders – a cornerstone in European production


    At the forefront of vehicle making for more than a century, Flanders is home to a vehicle making industry that has grown steadily on the strength of quality engineeringProduction in proximitySupplier supportEmployment – growth through automationFord in FlandersSetting the paceVolkswagen in VorstVolvoPoint clouds for precisionRapid programming Flanders, in the northern ...

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    Labour pains in Germany


    Germany has always been an attractive region for car manufacturers because of its central location in the heart of Europe, and access to a pool of skilled labour. But competition from low-cost regions has led to a rethink in strategyGradual growthCompetitive cost structuresChallenges facing the German car industryBMW keeps on ...

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    Cross-breeding the brand in Kentucky


    Toyota’s popular Camry now comes in a hybrid version thanks to innovations and investment in the assembly line at Georgetown, Kentucky. AMS looks at how the manufacturing process has been modified to accommodate the new, cleaner model. Smooth transition Designed with vision Minor changes Simplified assembly Bypass processes Toyota team ...

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    Knock down construction


    BMW has pulled apart its Spartanburg plant in the US in order to convert it to a one-line flexible assembly system. New demands are defining the OEM's manufacturing infrastructure Flexible footsteps Expansion plans Robot build Time constraints New process efficiency Minutes after the last BMW Z4 rolled off the line ...

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    Driving success in Europe through organic growth


    Tetsuo ‘Ted’ Agata, President and CEO of R&D/Manufacturing at Toyota Motor Europe tells AMS about how the carmaker will grow the seeds of new technology in Europe. Ted Agata joined Toyota 1977 and moved to Toyota Motor Manufacturing North America in January 2000. A year later, he returned to Japan ...

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    Follow the bear


    Major investment is now being made in the Russian automotive industry and the region looks set to become a force to contend with. But companies are still showing caution Why Russia now? Domestic market New plans for AvtoVAZ GAZ has global ambitions Ford’s ‘early-mover’ investment AvtoVAZ joint venture Hyundai-Kia imports ...

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    Root and branch reform at Renault


    Renault has implemented a new customer-focused strategy that makes quality the centrepiece of the company’s manufacturing system. AMS looks at the initiative and talks to senior VP for quality, Yann Vincent, about its effect on productivity Quality processes Palencia initiatives Supplier quality Customer quality management There is not an automotive ...

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    Computer crashing


    Computer aided engineering is making vehicles safer through the use of more sophisticated simulation models based on reliable data. AMS looks at the rise of the digital dummy.Reducing time and costKnowledge-based solutionsSophisticated structuresReal time restraintTyre model simulationLimited-slip differentialsBepco Host CellRobust solutionMahle sub-system testingCorus, the international steel company, and DAF Trucks, ...