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    Fabrics of the future


    Multiaxial reinforcement manufacturer Formax is tailoring lightweight materials to automotive needs If you think of carbon fibre you more than likely envision the familiar woven sheet, but there is more to this high-tech, lightweight material – as a visit to multiaxial reinforcement manufacturer Formax reveals. Based in Leicestershire, UK, the ...

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    Non-destructive testing of composites


    The Omniscan MX2 Phased Array ultrasonic flaw detector has been added to the Ashtead Technology rental fleet of advanced NDT instruments. The company claims that the MX2 can be combined with other components to form a complete inspection system. For example, phased array probes, scanners, analysis software, and other accessories ...

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    NO TITLE [54258]


    As aluminium becomes increasingly used by carmakers, Mark Simms looks at the mechanical methods required to join this material Ever increasing pressures to reduce fuel consumption and vehicle emissions have seen a raft of technical innovations introduced to the automotive industry, but ultimately it is weight that has the single ...

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    Joining aluminium


    As aluminium becomes increasingly used by carmakers, Mark Simms looks at the mechanical methods required to join this material Ever increasing pressures to reduce fuel consumption and vehicle emissions have seen a raft of technical innovations introduced to the automotive industry, but ultimately it is weight that has the single ...

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    Meet the metalworkers


    The biennial AMB Show in Stuttgart from September 16-20 should bring together some important exhibitors for the automotive industry Located in the Baden-Wurttemberg Province, at the very heart of the German engineering and metalworking industries, the biennial AMB Show brings together exhibitors and visitors from around the world; but while ...

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    High-strength steel: Strong, lightweight & cost effective


    SSAB discusses the benefits of using advanced high-strength steel in vehicle structures “When it comes to cost efficiency, environmental issues and value for money, nothing can compete with advanced-high strength steel [AHSS]. The only problem we have today is that our top product could probably use a more sexy image”. ...

  • JPacanovsky2014

    Interview: John Pacanovsky, Scigrip


    As the use of composites increases in the automotive industry, the head of R&D at an adhesives supplier talks about the advantages of this type of bondingAMS: Scigrip does some work with Renault and Fiat trucks, is that correct?John Pacanovsky (JP): Whilst we can’t name specific models, Scigrip is a ...

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    Handling with care


    New materials and the drive for greater flexibility in production have created new challenges in handlingWalk through almost any modern automotive assembly plant and the major trends in automotive assembly aren’t difficult to spot. Equally clear to see are the tensions and trade-offs that exist between them. The inexorable march ...

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    Moulding tools for the future


    What visitors to EuroMold 2013 can expect at the mould-making and tooling expo in Frankfurt this DecemberThe programme for 2013Exhibitors with automotive interestsAs the world trade fair for mould-making and tooling design and development, EuroMold brings together buyers, suppliers and process experts from all parts of the globe. This year’s ...

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    Ford makes the most of recyclate


    With vehicle-makers taking a greater interest in using recycled materials, Ruari McCallion investigates the processes and challenges involvedFord Motor Company’s new F-150 trucks have been the target of some criticism for their size, weight and thirst, but according to the OEM the model will feature unprecedented levels of environmentally-friendly materials.Recycling ...

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    Potential for aluminium in high volume


    When, at a demonstration of the new Range Rover Sport, the presenter talked about it being in excess of 25% stiffer than its predecessor, the point was made by forcing the vehicle’s front right wheel off the ground, tilting the whole thing across its diagonal axis and banging it back ...

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    Composites come of age


    BMW, Ford and Renault are incorporating composites and plastics in new modelsTo demonstrate that reduced weight and increased fuel efficiency are boosting the use of composites beyond their traditional use in niche manufacturing, look no further than BMW’s use of composites in its new i-series models; Ford’s inclusion of integrated ...

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    Mass is the driver for composites


    Though tooling costs and shorter production runs bring advantages, reduced mass is pushing developmentCompared to steel or aluminium body structures the number one advantage of composites is mass reduction. “That is really the single most important driving factor that is leading to the drive to include more composites,” says Will ...

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    Fibre is in fashion


    Once the domain of high-performance sports cars, recent developments have increased composite use in high volume manufacturingThere are two very distinct parts of the automotive industry; those two sectors have vastly differing challenges and have approached the use of composites in differing ways. We are, of course talking about the ...

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    Learn the hard way


    With so many hard part machining applications in the automotive sector, keeping up with the latest manufacturing technologies is imperative.Around 55% of applications for PCBN (polycrystalline cubic boron nitride) cutting tools are in the automotive sector – gears, shafts, CV joints, injector nozzles, bearings, extrusion dies and pressure rolls, to ...

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    The heat is always on


    Steed Webzell reviews the welding technologies prevalent in the automotive arena today, as well as those currently building momentumLaser welding is popular for applications such as producing tailored welded blanks, largely because it is very effective at joining together steel sheets of varying thicknesses and strengths. Another popular application area ...

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    A world of welding


    Steed Webzell reveals the high levels of innovation being applied to welding processes in automotive manufacturingWelding remains the dominant joining technology for the automotive manufacturing sector but developments in technology, equipment, quality control and automation are crucial to evolving more efficient processes to produce ever lighter and stronger compOnents and ...

  • f1

    A Formula One finish for the road


    Ron Dennis and the birth of the chrome racecarProduction paint for road supercarsClean and open paintshop designPartnering for optimum colour consistencyAdvanced booth design and low bake ovensChrome paint on road carsAkzoNobel won the contract to supply paint for McLaren road cars partly through its experience with the chrome finish on ...

  • act-11

    Editor's Note: Evolution not revolution


    When following the fast moving developments in this industry it’s easy to get swept along on a tide of innovative technologies, expanding (and shrinking) manufacturing networks and staggering production figures (usually from China). But, taking time to stand back and view this constant flow information, you realize that change, while ...

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    Crossing boundaries at Hannover


    Intelligent networked systems, composites and nanotechnology will be among the many new technologies being exhibited at Hannover Messe 2013 from April 8-12The lead theme for the 2013 Hannover Show is one of ‘Integrated Industry,’ with the event structured to reflect the increasing integration of all areas of manufacturing. Central to ...