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    Flawless bodies


    High output and increased complexity mean that Daimler’s highly automated plant in Bremen depends on the most accurate technology when it comes to body-in-white measurement and inspection. AMS reports on how the plant manages the perfect fit and finishLooking for a perfect fitTight tolerancesInline measurementMobile and modularThe first thing you ...

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    Making a joint effort


    As the automotive industry introduces new combinations of metals, making sure they retain overall strength and avoid corrosion when welded has led to a range of innovative joining technologies.Salt fluxBlowing hot and coldBridging the gapOpel finds process-capable solutionsWelding has evolved within the automotive industry in recent years to embrace automation ...

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    On the beam


    Lasers are becoming an increasingly common sight in automotive production. Today, they are quickly and reliably welding everything from transmission components to body parts. Lasers also enable the use of lightweight construction designs that would simply be impossible with conventional welding techniques.Broad range accuracyLight sourceWide applicationConventional laser weldingScanner head successLaser ...

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    Molding the future


    The world’s window on mouldmaking and tooling, design, and application development – EuroMold – is expected to attract 60,000 visitors to the Exhibition Centre in Frankfurt from December 5-8, 2007. Here AMS previews some of the products that will be on showEuroMold’s enduring success can be attributed in part to ...

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    The cutting edge of technology


    As it continues to grow, the Laser World of Photonics exhibition attracts important scientists and engineers as well as exciting new products Permanova LasersystemACI LaserBystronic LaserOSRAM Opto SemiconductorsROFIN-SINAR LaserTRUMPF LaserJENOPTIK AutomatisierungstechnikThe LASER 2007 World of Photonics held in Munich, Germany from 18-21 June achieved its best results since the trade ...

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    Joining forces for lighter components


    Metal moulding is shaping up to bring the automotive industry a range of savings thanks to a partnership between Husky Injection Molding and the USCAR research group. AMS looks at benefits of ultra-large magnesium castingsMetal injectionUSCAR projectShape of casts to comeWhen you think of injection moulding materials, metals haven’t traditionally ...

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    Metton lightweighting in the hood


    Vehicle makers are continually looking at ways to reduce the weight of their products, thereby decreasing costs but, at the same time, improving efficiency for consumers. Heavy duty rigs dressed in Metton are becoming the lightweight champions of the worldCycle times have been reducedSeasonal effects on materialsThe challenges of using ...

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    Modular safety at Eisenach


    The process of welding the tailgate on the Corsa at Opel Eisenach has been overhauled without any compromise to safety, with automation expert PilzSensory deprivationPeople scannersLike most body shops the one at Opel Eisenach is heavily automated, almost a 100 per cent in fact, save for eight workstations on the ...

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    Cool coatings


    Heat resistant ceramic coating offers OEMs reliability and performance advantages. Developed originally for the UK nuclear industry, a zirconia-based coating is finding increasing uses in the automotive industry.Thermal managementCut the wrapCeramic coatings have been used previously to retain heat within specific sub-systems or to protect components and operators from excessive ...

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    Pump up the volume


    Carbon fibre has long been the preserve of the super car elite – but those days are coming to an endCarbon fibre is finding favour in structural componentsProduction processes must be developedCarbon gives the necessary weight savingsMention composites in the context of car design and thoughts automatically turn to the ...

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    The race for better metals


    Motorsport engines demand higher performance and that means the manufacture of very pure metals. It’s an area of intense competition and innovation, as Nigel Eames of MCT explainsPurer steelMaterial researchOne of the most gruelling automotive environments for metals is that found in a motorsport engine, where reliability and performance are ...

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    Spreading the Ethernet


    The demands of commercial vehicle making are being met with increasingly sophisticated automation software, including integrated Ethernet communication and client/server architecturesCommunication protocolsUnity automation platformAutomation faces particular challenges when it comes to the production of commercial vehicles because of the wide variety demanded. Theoretically, the number of variants that might need ...

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    Putting the VVA-voom into Lotus cars


    Lotus is renowned for its innovative chassis technology, and its flexible vehicle architecture uses leading developments in casting to enter new segments Light weight, but super fastVVA is a fast-to-market technologyA wide range of solutions for manufacturersSize of castings proved to be a challengeCastings match components wellAt the 75th Geneva ...

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    Safe in the knowledge


    ABB has teamed up with CIP Safety to give its FlexArc welding cells a simple-to-use safety advantage without affecting production timesSimple to use safetyReconfigurable architectureGoing into its second year of sales with its new FlexArc robotic arc welding cells, ABB Robotics Division, North America Welding and Cutting Group is reporting ...

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    A big cat that’s light on its feet


    Aluminium has riveted Jaguar’s attention and its latest models are being made from this material to save on weight, while maintaining performanceInnovative features – the shape of things to come?Aircraft influenceUnique combination of riveting and bondingAluminium presents its own challengesStarting with the supercarImproving the hardness of aluminiumJaguar may have been ...

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    The drive for stronger steel at Corus


    The high performance demands of powertrain mean the steel used must be strong and machined with precision. AMS looks at the latest innovations at CorusConnecting rodsHigh-strength crankshaftsDiesel injectorsClean steelTough core gearsThe demands on modern manufacturing technologies, such as dry machining, fracture splitting and the elimination of excessive heat treatment place ...

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    Following a magnesium and aluminium diet


    Demand for steel has sent prices for the metal rocketing, but alternatives such as aluminium and magnesium are being combined to find favour with carmakers.Raising the steel bar for safetyAluminium alternativeLAFE at BMWFifty-fifty weight distributionMagnesium IP reductionsMagnesium castings for automatic housingsIt’s a sad irony that the world seems to be ...

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    Northern lights


    Volvo’s new C70 convertible is a stronger car thanks to the application of four new welding techniques. Niclas Palmquist, Manufacturing Engineering, Volvo Cars, describes how the Swedish company has surpassed its standardImproved body featuresLaser station from PermanovaA pillar accessWhen Volvo Cars set out to develop the new C70 convertible the ...

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    Metal working with the experts


    Strong signs of a recovery in US manufacturing were evident at International Manufacturing and Technology Show in September 2006Rapid and reliablePlasma cutting speed and accuracyForming and weldingKuka quality hits the spotNew multi-purpose press from Old NorsePress tuning and virtual worldsInnovations and cutting edge technology developments were on display in every ...

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    The pressures of the press line


    Consolidation in the pressing business, both in terms of process steps and suppliers, is seeing the development of smarter applications in body-in-white and door assembly. AMS looks at Stadco and its subassembly supply.Turning JapaneseCost and innovationLocation, location, locationStrength means complexityQuality through consolidationBumper businessThere are several trends that most Tier One ...