Reducing the carbon footprint of future mobility thanks to greener steel production and smart steel solutions

ArcelorMittal is actively exploring pathways to make steel production more sustainable, with pilot projects in areas such as: clean-power steelmaking; circular, low-emission carbon steelmaking; and fossil fuel carbon capture and storage.

ArcelorMittal webinar: e-mobility needs smart steel solutions

S-in motion® customisable steel solutions for BEV enable carmakers to extend range, reduce cost, and enhance safety at the most affordable cost.

ArcelorMittal S-in motion® Chassis solutions

The webinar will explore some examples of best-in-class steel grades for chassis applications and cover ArcelorMittal’s S-in motion® Chassis study which identifies potential savings in mass of up to 20%. As part of the study, specific assessments have been conducted on formability, weldability, and fatigue. The study also considered ArcelorMittal’s AHSS grades including ferro-bainitic, complex phase, and press hardenable steels and the potential to optimise the balance between weight, performance, and affordable cost.

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