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    E-mobility needs steel


    It is no secret that carmakers are intensifying their efforts to develop mass-market electric vehicles (EVs). Although sales of EVs are still a long way behind conventional ICE vehicles, there are expectations that they will make up a quarter of all new car sales by 2025 and be on their ...

  • ArcelorMittal Technical Shot BIW HotForming


    Steel safety net


    ArcelorMittal’s patented ablation technology is favoured by OEMs across the world for its suitability in safety-critical applications ArcelorMittal’s patented partial ablation technology was developed to ensure that hot-stamped laser-welded blanks (LWBs), made from the latest press-hardenable steels (PHS), are as safe as possible. Although it was first used ...

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    E-mobility and the role of steel


    With electrification shaping ideas in future vehicle structure design, ArcelorMittal explains why advanced steel grades remain the materials of choice While sales of battery electric vehicles (BEV) are still far behind conventional internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles, BEV technology and sales continue to improve at a rapid pace. Globally, BEV ...

  • 1_SUV_ELECTRIC_VUE__3-4AVANT_Pour_Fond_Blanc


    E-mobility needs steel


    A new report from ArcelorMittal has identified the benefits in performance and cost that steel can bring to the EV production challenge

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    Lightweighting with laser-welded blanks


    The latest generation of steels brings new opportunities for OEMs Laser-welded blanks (LWB) give automotive engineers the chance to design lightweight parts that ensure the right steel is in the right place for safety and performance. Combining LWBs with new hot-stamping grades, such as Usibor 2000 and Ductibor ...

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    Steel going strong


    ArcelorMittal provides an insight into how the trend of electrification will impact steel demand in vehicle design Last year marked the first on in which global sales of electrified vehicles exceeded one million units. Although the numbers are still a long way behind sales volumes of conventional internal combustion ...

  • ArcelorMittal S-in motion midsize sedan


    Jet set


    A breakthrough technology for advanced high strength steel coating, the JVD process is demonstrating higher performance with lower environmental impact The recent launch of ArcelorMittal’s JVD line at its facility near Liege, Belgium, represents the culmination of years of scientific investigation by its research and development teams.The only one ...