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  • Constellium aluminium automotive

    EV trend boosts aluminium demand


    Constellium has opened a new facility in Mexico to serve the automotive industry, and predicts strong growth on the horizon. Michael Nash reports Aluminium supplier Constellium has opened up a new plant in San Luis Potosi, Mexico The rise of electrification is having a huge impact on vehicle manufacturers ...

  • Professional performance training with Tobii Pro G

    Tracking and training


    Digital technologies are providing new training solutions for the automotive industry. Nick Holt reports Eye tracking systems are now being successfully used to create training programs that reduce errors in manufacturing operations. Mike Bartel, senior research developer at Tobii Pro Insights provided an overview of what this technology offers: “Eye ...

  • 5-Laser cutting provides the highest level of precision for the shape and features of bumper beams. (Constellium White, GA)

    Aluminium allegiance


    Industry analysts are predicting a growth phase for aluminium content in the vehicle material mix. AMS reports on the new grades and applications that underpin this claim

  • BMW i8 production Leipzig

    i8 Roadster enters production at Leipzig


    Germany - BMW has started the production of its i8 Roadster two months ahead of market launch. The plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) is being made at the company's Leipzig plant in Germany, which also produces the BMW 1 and 2 Series as well as the i3. The updated i8 ...

  • SSAB AHSS Docol Framvagn - NW - uppdaterad

    What can steel do for chassis?


    With high-tensile strength and an optimised microstructure, advanced high-strength steel grades can offer many advantages for chassis components Many factors are dictating the future of OEMs developing chassis components. Consumer trends, regulations and advancements in manufacturing technology are just a few of them. Developments in materials is ...

  • Ford GT Robot Cell - Lincoln Electric

    Reducing costs in welding aluminium


    In an industry where everyone is looking for a more efficient vehicle, OEMs have started shifting their focus to aluminium as their material of choice, writes Lincoln Electric’s Mikael D. Carriere The use of aluminium has continuously grown in the automotive industry in the last 40 years and it has ...

  • Pulsed fibre laser welding system

    Pulsed fibre laser welding system


    An updated version of the LMWS pulsed fibre laser welding system is now available says Amada Miyachi. The company claims the LMWS is suitable for welding dissimilar metals, including copper to aluminium, aluminium to stainless and steel, and copper to stainless steel, and with a change of settings, it can ...

  • Quaker metalworking fluid

    Fluid technology for reaming applications


    Proper set-up of a padded reamer presents particular challenges for the metalworking fluid, says Quaker. The fluid is required to deliver the necessary lubrication in a sufficient film thickness and also emulsion properties that will carry away the fines produced in the cutting process. The company says it has developed ...

  • Sogefi Tredegar

    Degrees of separation


    Sogefi’s plant in Tredegar, Wales, produces complex fuel and air filtration systems and boasts an impressive array of manufacturing technologies On the edge of the Welsh valleys, a few miles north of Cardiff, is the quiet location for a hive of automotive manufacturing activity. According to Chris Jones, plant director ...

  • BMW i3_production_cell

    The case for carbon fibre


    The launch of the i3 has changed the conversation about the future application of carbon fibre in vehicle structures

  • Mini CFPR dashboard

    High fibre content


    Composites reinforced with glass fibres have been used in the mass-production of hang- and bolt-on parts for decades – AMS looks at some recent innovations Mounting pressure on OEMs to reduce the weight of their vehicles means that material and tier suppliers making body panels, interior parts, under-the-bonnet parts, ...

  • Adil Shirinov CEO Ford Sollers

    Q&A: Adil Shirinov, Ford Sollers


    As CEO of Ford’s Russian joint venture with local manufacturing specialist Sollers , Adil Shirinov tells AMS how Ford Sollers survived the crisis and how he plans to get the brand into the top five again by focusing on vans and SUVs Adil Shirinov, CEO of Ford ...

  • The one-millionth Porsche 911

    Not too posh to push


    Porsche has been expanding its production and achieving record results – with some assistance from Volkswagen Group facilities Both an iconic name in the automotive industry and a core part of the Volkswagen Group, Porsche has been facilitating its rising production in recent years by relying heavily on Group resources ...

  • Renault Valladolid AMS janfeb2017

    Spain’s rising star


    Renault’s Valladolid plant is piloting some of the latest digital manufacturing technologies The Spanish plant has become a star in Renault’s production network for making one of the brand’s most successful new-segment launches: the Captur small SUV. Since start of production in 2013, the car has passed the ‘1m built’ ...

  • 0971_010_01_car-bodies_04HRvh_1

    Coming clean


    A new silicate- and borate-free cleaning technology has won over a major OEM in Germany A major German automotive manufacturer has converted a pre-treatment line to Chemetall’s new silicate- and borate-free cleaning technology. Apart from added sustainability the OEM will also benefit from enhanced product performance and easy handling. Automotive ...

  • APAC profil 3

    Down to earth


    Validation tests of Profil’s grounding nut and stud assembly by major OEMs have shown improved and more consistent conductivity compared with classic welding solutions One of the clearest advantages of grounding studs is they are self-piercing. This means that each stud makes a neat hole through the sheet metal component. ...

  • GEAR Gear_welding

    Photonic precision


    Light is a fascinating manufacturing tool enabling laser technologies and applications for materials processing tasks of all scales and sizes Systems for industrial laser applications like cutting, welding and surface processing are well established, reliable and cost efficient production tools with clear technical advantages due to their wear-free highly localised ...

  • Article

    The inside story


    EcoInCure, a new body drying process developed by Dürr, permits the best possible top coat appearance and maximum process reliability EcoInCure is a new body drying process developed by Dürr which heats and cools bodies from the inside. It’s a technology that meets all the requirements for future ...

  • NAIAS 2017 luxury by design detail

    Seating plan


    Adient CTO Detlef Juerss talks to AMS about the company’s sure and steady approach to new and complex challenges Among all the exhibits at the IAA international motor show in Frankfurt, a seat that Adient produces for the BMW 7-Series ably exemplifies a modern automotive manufacturing challenge – to ...

  • Additive manufacturing

    Added value


    Although additive manufacturing is not new, the latest techniques are offering OEMs more options for its use The use of additively manufactured parts in vehicles is now unexceptional, if not yet pervasive, at least at the high end of the market characterised by low volume and high purchase price. But ...