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  • durr 2

    3D, fast and precise


    Dürr is using laser scanning and virtual paintshops to plan and perfect its real-world modernisation and expansion projects Laser scanning is the most modern measurement method for buildings. When the scan data is combined with the plant plans in 3D, virtual models reveal potential issues to address and solutions to ...

  • zeiss 1

    A game changer


    Correlation-free measurements are set to fundamentally and permanently alter in-line measuring technology and ultimately the world of manufacturing This global innovation not only enables automotive manufacturers to make measuring and production more efficient, but also brings them significantly closer to the smart factory of tomorrow. “Correlation-free measurements will provide an ...

  • GOM 1

    Capturing detail


    New interfaces for simple and robust communication between production plant and measuring system are the key to the advance of Industry 4.0 The most important measure for optimising manufacturing processes is quality control involving measurement, analysis, and correction processes. In recent years, the three-dimensional digitising of the actual states of ...

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    In all the right places


    Automation is making a difference at BMW Dingolfing but humans are still at the heart of production On any given working day, ideas around information and automation present themselves to Reinhard Weindl. In his role as quality manager for technical planning at BMW Dingolfing he has witnessed an ever-growing range ...

  • _DSC7371

    Small steps – big gains


    Mike Farish looks at how a leading tier supplier has implemented an IoT strategy to its manufacturing operations What is the best way to implement an Industry 4.0 or Internet of Things (IoT) strategy – a single, intense company-wide campaign or a gradualist approach in which a series of small ...

  • IMG_0060

    Scan the van


    At Volkswagen’s new plant in Poland, production quality for the Crafter van is ensured using ground-breaking measuring technology Officially opened in October 2016, the new plant in Wrzesnia, Poland, is a highly modern production facility operated by VW Commercial Vehicles. It will be used for building the VW Crafter van, ...

  • SSSL1803_reduced

    FARO: 3D metrology in the pre-production phase


    The application of portable 3D metrology solutions has superseded traditional measurement and inspection methods as OEMs continue to recognise the benefits of this technology in manufacturing processes. In this webinar we will focus on the principle metrology challenges in the decisive pre-production ...

  • GOM ATOS Capsule

    Industrial 3D metrology


    GOM will be presenting a number of its metrology systems at Control 2017. These will include the complete ATOS ScanBox series, including series 7 and 8 for the inspection of large sheet metal parts and complete car bodies. Also being exhibited: the ATOS Capsule system, which the company says is ...

  • Trumpf's I-PFO is suited to the laser welding of doors, seats, sun roofs and other large body parts 2

    Under the spotlight


    With current demand for lightweighting so voracious, there are many applications in which OEMs are looking to spot weld mixed-material assemblies Trumpf's I-PFO is suited to the laser welding of doors, seats, sun roofs and other large body partsWith high thermal and electrical conductivity plus the very high electrical resistance ...

  • ISRA Vision glass inspection

    Automotive glass inspection technology


    Based on patented stereo deflectometry, Isra says it has developed a method that is suitable for assessing the reflection optics of windshields and rear and side windows. The company claims this new Screenscan Reflected Distortion product allows measurement accuracy in the millidiopter range. The company says that instead of the ...


    Measurement software release


    Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence has launched the latest edition (PC-DMIS 2017 R1) of its measurement software. The company says this version features a ‘What’s New’ pop-up animation when first starting the application to highlight new features and enhancements of the software. Application performance has been optimised for speeding up everyday tasks ...

  • Nextsense Calipri C12

    Human-robot gap and flush measurement


    Nextsense says its Calipri model series for the gap and flush measurement now includes a model variant (C12) suitable for the use in the human-robot collaboration (HRC) area. The company says the C12 variant has been applied to an HRC robot operating with a German premium segment car manufacturer. The ...

  • SAI_OLP40

    Touch and go


    The diversity of parts produced by automotive tier suppliers sees them use both contact and non-contact measurement techniques Companies involved in contact and non-contact measurement operations have to make a fundamental decision about the type of coordinate technology they will utilise – either a contact technique involving a touch probe ...

  • Bosch barometric pressure sensor

    Barometric pressure sensor


    Bosch has launched the SMP580, a new barometric pressure sensor for ambient pressure and temperature measurement in automotive engine management applications. The company claims the SMP580 is the smallest sensor of its type available on the market - measuring 4.9 x 3.9 x 1.5mm³. According to Bosch the new sensor ...

  • comau_hexagon_scanning-system-detail

    Vision of the future


    OEMs' use of optical metrology techniques in fully automated robotic cells has increased significantly in the last couple of years aided by the development of a number of essential technical capabilities Volkswagen’s latest plant at Wrzesnia in Poland is one site where the use of vision-based inspection systems for quality ...

  • screen-shot-2017-01-05-at-14-49-24

    Get the insight inside


    With shorter lead times and constant cost pressures, OEMs are adopting CT scanning to analyse internal structures without the disassembling of countless prototypes Today’s automotive OEMs and suppliers face ever shortening lead times for introducing new products at a lower cost. Consequently, fewer prototype iterations are required and destructive testing ...

  • 360SIMS_DualRobot_Kuka_BIW_Cell_with_RPS-Rechts_LR

    Metrology meets automation


    Portable systems have made high-accuracy measurement possible across all plant areas – the next step in this evolution is the integration of metrology with automation In years past, automotive manufacturers have been forced to choose between very different paradigms in the search to improve the quality, shorten design-to-launch times ...

  • Safety

    Braking point


    The last decade has seen the most dramatic and potentially disruptive burst of innovation in braking system development With new vehicle power sources, increased viability of extensive ‘Driver Assist’ technologies, and a movement towards electronic control and actuation, the challenges facing suppliers and the opportunities offered to designers perhaps seem ...

  • g3210_angle_and_side_profile

    Full speed ahead


    Solutions such as 3D smart snapshot sensors are offering faster, more data-rich automotive quality control The main challenge in automotive quality control today is acquiring sufficient data and processing it to measure complicated geometries in the shortest cycle time. Established laser line solutions do not offer enough data to fully ...

  • Article

    New multi-sensor CMMs


    The Optiv Performance 663 and 664 Dual Z are the latest multi-sensor coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) from Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence. The multi-sensor concept of the Optiv Performance line enables a variety of sensor configurations for tactile and contactless measuring and scanning tasks in a single system, says the company. Different ...