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  • OK-VISE clamping force measurement

    Clamping force verification


    To assist with verifying the holding force of a component during machining operations OK-VISE says it has integrated two clamping force measurement systems directly into its modular Multi-Rail RM fixturing system. The Digiforce device provide the operator with an on-screen readout of the clamping pressure. In addition the company says ...

  • CyberOptics CMM system

    High speed CMM system


    CyberOptics has launched its new SQ3000 3D CMM system, powered by Multi-Reflection Suppression (MRS) technology and CyberCMM, a new software suite for coordinate measurement. The company claims that in a lab or production environment, the SQ3000 system offers fast, accurate, repeatable and reproducible measurements for metrology applications in manufacturing of ...

  • Olympus white paper 4 Ways to Measure

    Olympus white paper: 4 Ways to Measure Coatings


    A Guide to Olympus’s Coating Measurement Solutions Coatings come in all shapes and sizes – and so do coating inspection technologies. Ultrasound, X-ray fluorescence, eddy currents and microscopy all offer coating inspection capabilities, but their suitability depends on the type of coating. Find out the best destructive or non-destructive techniques ...

  • LMI 3D non-contact volume gauging

    3D non-contact volume gauging


    LMI Technologies (LMI) has launched the Gocator volume checker. The company says this is a volume gauging solution suitable for inspecting cylinder heads and piston bowls in small to medium-sized internal combustion engines. LMI says this approach replaces traditional volume gauging methods (i.e., fluids, pressurized air, and acoustics) with a ...

  • FANUC Dual-arc-welding-laser guided

    Seeing things clearly


    AMS reports on the most recent developments in the use of machine vision technology for quality control applications in automotive manufacturing In response to rapid and sustained improvements in machine vision technologies, a growing number of automotive manufacturing OEMs and suppliers are now deploying such systems in a wider ...

  • Meisterbock Ingolstadt Audi

    Counting on the data


    The implementation of digital tools is transforming the quality control processes in manufacturing operations Physical jigs are now being rendered as digital models and Audi says it is well on the way to representing a concept that resides in the digital, ‘virtual’ world. The company is now exploiting the concept ...

  • PIC 1 Retusche IMG_5572

    Taking control


    With the growth in automated assembly applications comes a demand for quality data and improved insights The prevalent dimensional control strategy of the automotive industry has been to incorporate various in-line and near-line measurement devices into production lines. Different approaches have been successfully implemented, from a few single cells along ...

  • QuatumM_ScanArm

    3D measurement and imaging


    The new QuantumM measurement arm is certified to ISO 10360 -12:2016 and tests to the International Electrical Commission (IEC 60068-2) standards for shock, vibration and temperature stress relief, says Faro. The system includes the FAROBluTM laser line probe HD, that it’s claimed enables five times faster scanning than the previous ...

  • Hamamatsu C13555MA



    The C13555MA is the latest edition to the TF series of mini-spectrometer for colour measurement applications from Hamamatsu Photonics. The company says this USB-powered polychromator contains optical elements, a driver circuit and a built-in 512 pixel CMOS sensor. A USB connection allows any acquired spectrum data to be transferred to ...

  • Klingelnberg Speed Viper

    Cylindrical gear machining


    Klingelnberg says its Speed Viper platform machines feature a revised, ergonomic design and a simplified operating system. The company says this removes the need for any modifications or corrections to be entered manually, as theses are now automatically loaded using GearPro Operator. A touch screen display provides operator guidance. Other ...

  • HMI PCDMIS 2017 R2

    New measurement software


    The launch of PC-DMIS 2017 R2 is the second of two major releases scheduled in 2017, says Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence. This latest version features the Slideshow for INSPECT software, which the company says allows users to create customised layouts with inspection results populated during measurement. Other improvements include better native ...

  • volume_checker_in_action

    Come into non-contact


    LMI Technologies looks at custom non-contact engine volume gauging for tier one and tier three component suppliers Fig 1: Gocator Volume Checker inspecting engine cylinder heads For automotive component suppliers who need to verify high tolerances on medium-sised internal combustion engines (ICEs), LMI has designed a 3D non-contact inspection ...

  • app13-landscape.jpg

    New mobile inspection solutions for streamlining automotive manufacturing processes


    Smarter and easier inspection solutions can avoid expensive rework after final assembly of parts and components. During the Webinar you will learn how the FARO Visual Inspect TM product suite enables large, complex 3D CAD data to be transferred to an iPad and then used for mobile ...

  • Yokogawa WTViewerE

    Power measurement software


    Yokogawa says its new WTViewerE software provides PC connectivity for the company’s power analysers – including the WT3000E, WT1800E, WT500 and WT300E models - via Ethernet, USB, GPIB or RS232 interfaces. The company claims this connectivity allows users to control, monitor, collect and analyse measurement data, and save measurements remotely. ...

  • Starrett

    Flexible force measurement


    Starrett says there are common misconceptions that handheld force measurement devices provide less accuracy than traditional, static machines. However, the company claims its DFC Digital Force Controller, features measurement accuracy within 0.1% full scale with internal data sampling at 25kHz. Quality control engineers can use the device as a universal ...

  • Etalon LineCal

    Fast calibration for measurement systems


    LineCal is new interferometer based measurement system from Etalon. This new system is aimed at manufacturers of compact multi-sensor measurement systems, coordinate measurement machines and machine tools who want to calibrate their machines fast and precisely prior to the delivery to their customers, says Etalon. The company claims that in ...

  • Nikon pic

    Nikon CMM Laser Scanners – PolyWorks compatible


    With 3D laser scanning now well established within automotive inspection applications, the challenge for OEMs and suppliers is to reduce costs and deliver high quality products. Universal metrology software for CMMs, portable arms or handheld devices furthers this desire from product engineering to production. This webinar describes Nikon’s ...

  • Q60, Nissan Tochigi

    Nissan Tochigi's human touch


    Automotive manufacturing is known for its robotics, but Nissan’s ‘master craftsmen’ show that there is still a place for human skill. AMS went to see them at work on the GTR and Infiniti models made at Tochigi, Japan Most countries value luxury products, but few cherish the beauty of ...

  • APAC renishaw 1

    A precision touch


    Renishaw discusses the benefits of using machine tool probes for precision metrology in the manufacturing of forged wheels and car chassis The automotive industry is fiercely competitive. Tier-one automotive manufacturers are constantly looking for breakthroughs in areas such as performance, safety and innovative design, all of which places ...

  • Hexagon-MI-GLOBALS

    Enhanced productivity series CMM


    The Global S measuring solution is the first in an Enhanced Productivity Series (EPS) that draws upon the range of smart technologies developed by Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence. These include user experience adaptations, enhanced software and advanced eco-friendly options. The company says EPS utilises these technologies to simplify tasks related to ...