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  • Micro-Epsilon colour recognition sensors

    Compact true colour sensor


    Micro-Epsilon says it has launched a new range of colour recognition sensors designed for high precision true colour measurement in industrial applications. The new colorSENSOR CFO100 and CFO200 true colour sensors are suitable for a range of industrial applications, claims the company, including colour inspection of interior parts in the ...

  • Nikon novdec

    Quality 4.0 in car body inspection


    Nikon’s Laser Radar – a next-generation CMM that provides accurate, point cloud-based feature measurements in absolute coordinates – generates more data, leading to higher-quality products, and also saves time and money for OEMs High-end manufacturing has always required the feedback of reliable measurements to adjust parameters precisely ...

  • Screen Shot 2018-11-12 at 08.50.11

    The full measure


    In-process measurement can guarantee fewer rejects, easier assembly, and ultimately, happier customers before a single part reaches the OEM The ‘where’ in automotive manufacturing has changed and expanded over time as OEMs rely further on increased content from Tier suppliers. From frames, closures, headlamps and tail lamps all ...

  • Screen Shot 2018-11-12 at 08.50.11

    Extended reach


    FARO’s technology combinations are allowing users to focus more on the actual measurement and less on the measurement processes Ensuring the quality of a car’s performance and design, FARO 3D measurement technology solutions provide a simple, yet accurate way of taking contact and non-contact measurements for quality control ...

  • Screen Shot 2018-11-12 at 08.50.11

    Hot stamp harmony


    With the demand for quality specifications from OEMs on the rise Gestamp turned to Zeiss for a new approach to quality assurance Deer graze undisturbed in the fields that stretch off into the distance as far as the eye can see. Yet there is a lot more to ...

  • ABB 3D white-light scanning sensor technology

    Competitive advantage


    Automotive supplier BENTELER has introduced ABB inspection automation technology to its production plant in Vigo to improve efficiency and stand tall next to its competitors BENTELER is investing in ABB’s digital 3D vision and metrology solutions at its Vigo production plant in Spain, helping it reduce cycle times ...

  • 3D systems eBook

    3D Scanning and Inspection eBook


    Is 3D scanning right for your inspection needs? Combine the right people, hardware and software to ensure quality everywhere - An effective approach to 3D scanning requires matching the right people with the right hardware and the right software to best meet your company’s measurement needs Quality and reliability matter ...

  • Live Colour Scan_PR

    How 3D data is driving new levels of automotive productivity and efficiency


    In this webinar, we’ll discuss how world’s leading OEMs are leveraging FARO 3D data capture technology to boost productivity and efficiency across the whole supply chain and automotive manufacturing lifecycle. The presentation will set out the key benefits of using this 3D data, from prototyping and industrial styling to ...

  • GOM scanner

    Advanced 3D metrology for car body


    GOM has worked on improving the speed and accuracy of its latest generation of optical 3D coordinate measuring machines The automotive industry has undergone many changes over recent years, and new technologies are influencing production processes with the aim of making manufacturing more efficient. The implementation of robotics on the ...

  • Alicona µCMM

    3D focus-variation measuring instrument


    Said to be suited to production measurement, the µCMM 3D focus-variation system offers users the advantages of tactile coordinate measuring technology with optical surface measurement to measure dimensions, position, shape and surface finish of components with the one optical sensor, claims Alicona. The company says it provides the ability to ...

  • Zeiss 1

    Quality is everything


    Volkswagen uses Zeiss AIMax digital-optical 3D sensor technology at its plant in Wrzesnia Following a site analysis in 2013, Volkswagen decided to construct a new factory in Wrzesnia, Poland, to assemble the Crafter van. The speed at which this enormous factory – one kilometre long and 400 meters wide – ...

  • Article

    Welcoming arms for Kirchhoff


    Dermot Healy speaks to CMM programmer James Mitchell about working with Faro Technologies at the Kirchhoff Automotive plant in Lansing, MichiganKirchhoff Automotive is one of the leading global suppliers of body structures, sub-assemblies and stamped products to major automotive manufacturers. Working closely with manufacturers from an early design stage the ...

  • Schenck N America supp

    Industrial balancing goes e-mobility


    As EV makers develop smart-factories, efficient and flexible automation solution for balancing e-drives is at the top of the list, writes Schenck-USA ’s Tarek El-Sawaf Increasingly better range and output values of electric power units and, above all, the more stringent environmental regulations for internal combustion engines are increasing ...

  • Article

    How to outrun the competition


    Precision engineering and manufacturing technology specialist Renishaw is poised to support North American customers in tackling a new breed of production challenges Shorter product lifecycles and growing product mix require flexible machining and measurement solutions, which is why Renishaw’s technologies are increasingly being applied to support productive automotive ...

  • Versaperm multi-chamber mass-spectroscopy

    Mass-spectroscopy instrument


    Versaperm claims it has developed a new multi-chamber mass-spectroscopy based instrument that allows OEMs to identify and correct problems by measuring permeability for water vapour, air and hydrocarbons, and any other gas as well. The company says this system works on both complex components and assemblies as well as on ...

  • SICK proximity, reflex and through-beam sensors

    Photoelectric smart sensors


    The W16 and W26 proximity, reflex and through-beam sensors include Sick’s new BluePilot assistant, which the company says features five top-mounted LEDS for quick and accurate alignment of the sensor’s light spot. The BluePilot combines a potentiometer and teach-in button, which are claimed to simplify set up, range assessment and ...

  • Heller has adopted the name Heller4Industry for the suite of Industry 4.0 modules it offers

    Heading for the clouds


    Steed Webzell scrutinises the technologies currently available to assist those wanting to digitise their machining processes Major machine tool OEMs are upping their game when it comes to digitalisation. “Industry 4.0 (I4.0) is not just a gimmick, as some would have you believe, but a cornerstone of advanced manufacturing,” states ...

  • LR_on Robot

    Increasing process quality and repeatability with Laser Radar CMM


    High-end manufacturing requires reliable quality information fed back into the production process. The availability of this information during prototyping, ramp-up and the main build process is key to reducing time-to-production and increasing process quality and repeatability. The Nikon Metrology Laser Radar CMM solution encapsulates these ...

  • Werth InspectorFQ

    High-speed measuring


    A combination of precision mechanics, optoelectronic sensor systems, image processing and measurement software, allows the Inspector FQ to perform measurements on the shop floor with short cycle times, claims Werth. The company says the system’s drive concept is based on linear motors and provides very high measuring speeds enabling the ...

  • Inos sponsored article 2018

    Exact and to the point


    inos took on the task of integrating a new gap and flush system into an existing production line shared by two separate and distinct vehicles As modern vehicle design responds to the customers’ growing expectations on fit and finish quality, the demand grows for increasing sophistication in manufacturing techniques. Semi- ...