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  • Renishaw  XM-60 multi-axis calibrator

    Multi-axis calibrator


    Renishaw claims its new XM-60 multi-axis calibrator is capable of measuring all six degrees of freedom from a single set-up, in any orientation for linear axes. Designed for the machine tool market, the XM-60 will capture angular, linear and straightness errors in a single set-up, says the company. The calibrator ...

  • confocalDT 2471 chromatic controllers

    Confocal chromatic controller


    The new confocalDT 2471 chromatic controllers feature an integrated LED light source, and are designed for high-speed distance and thickness measurements of mirrored, transparent, shiny and diffuse surfaces, says Micro-Epsilon. It’s claimed the high light intensity enables reliable measurements on low reflectivity surfaces such as dark, matt objects or for ...

  • Konica Minolta CM-M6

    Spectrophotometers for the automotive industry


    Konica Minolta has introduced two new handheld instruments for the automotive industry: A two-in-one spectrophotometer that measures colour and gloss for interior measurements, and a multi-angle spectrophotometer for measuring metallic and pearlescent paints. The CM-25cG model offers 45°c:0° geometry and a 60° gloss sensor for simultaneous colour and gloss measurements, ...

  • woerth-2016-daimler

    At the head of the convoy


    Mercedes-Benz’s largest truck plant is piloting new production technologies and transitioning into the lead manufacturing facility for heavy commercial vehicles Gerald Jank, head of Wörth plant and production at Mercedes-Benz Trucks, has much to say about the challenges of producing a huge variety of models in series production while also ...

  • landrover_bar_manifold_am_part

    Infinite possibilities


    Mexico’s firm footing in the automotive industry makes it an ideal market for additive manufacturing technology Additive manufacturing, sometimes known as 3D printing, is a revolutionary technology able to produce complex shapes which cannot be produced by traditional techniques such as casting, forging and machining; expanding the possibilities of ...

  • siemens-pic-1

    Balance of power


    For its vast new Pesqueria plant, Kia needed a comprehensive, reliable and flexible electrical distribution system. Siemens’ Totally Integrated Power provided the solution In July 2015, Kia Motors began distributing their cars in Mexico. In addition to establishing a close-knit network of car dealerships in the country’s ten largest cities, ...

  • Nikon

    Nikon Webinar: An insight into microfocus computed tomography


    As automotive manufacturers and suppliers continue to produce components with more intricate structures it proves impossible to inspect them comprehensively with standard surface measurement. Yet the crucial task to verify the structure and dimensions remains. In this webinar, we looked at solutions provided by microfocus computed tomography (CT) such as: ...

  • Audi develops a new generation of tools

    Making light work


    Strong, stiff and light, these properties make composites a compelling proposition for the manufacture of tooling and production aids In sheet metal forming, epoxy resin dies were first used in the 1950s. These thermosets were often filled with steel powder or sand to increase their wear resistance and mechanical properties. ...

  • Webinar

    Hexagon Webinar: Big Data metrology and 3D process control


    From the progressive assembly line to lean manufacturing principles, the automotive industry has always led the way in manufacturing technology. As the industry faces ever shorter design-to-production times, automotive manufacturers and suppliers have embraced industrial metrology and 3D measurement as enablers of quality and productivity. Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence is ...

  • Hermle C 250 machine

    New machining centre


    Hermle says its new C 250 machine offers X,Y,Z axis travels of 600, 550 and 450mm. The company claims on the 3-axis version, the rigid table can accept workpieces weighing up to 1,100kg, while machining of components up to 450mm in diameter by 355mm tall and weighing 300kg is possible ...

  • Sealant system, FCA Windsor paintshop

    Pacifica progress


    As FCA US smoothly implements a $744m upgrade at its Windsor plant in Canada, AMS focuses on the new equipment in the paintshop, including innovative oil separation technology and a robotic sealing system “What we were asking the Windsor team to do had never been done before,” said Brian Harlow, ...

  • ATOS 3D scanners

    3D metrology for casting process chains


    GOM claims its systems can support and accelerate foundry processes using 3D metrology for all areas of sand, pressure and precision casting process: from the model and moulding tool, up to the sample test report and optimisation of CNC machining. The company says using its ATOS 3D scanners, including its ...

  • HP-S-X1H

    Upgraded scanning sensor range


    Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence says the new versions of its HP-S-X1 series of compact probes feature a new bearing system for better joint repeatability and will now accept longer horizontal styli for improved flexibility. Featuring small external dimensions and supporting stylus lengths of up to 225mm, HP-S-X1 probes enable coordinate measuring ...

  • Component painting, Durr

    Power to the machines


    While human flexibility offers special advantages in the assembly hall, modern paintshops rely heavily on automation to tackle hostile conditions and a strong need for consistency. AMS reviews the recent trends Robotic technologies have for decades been centre stage in automotive manufacturing. The industry is top of the league ...

  • VideoCheck V HA

    Measuring high-precision master workpieces


    The VideoCheck V HA is traceable and can be used to calibrate the calibration masters at the factory, say Werth. If the quality management system requires a DAkkS certificate, the machine can be calibrated by the company's own DAkkS lab in accordance with DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025. The system features ...

  • 360SIMS_DualRobot_Kuka_BIW_Cell_with_RPS-Rechts_LR

    Metrology meets automation


    Portable systems have made high-accuracy measurement possible across all plant areas – the next step in this evolution is the integration of metrology with automation From the progressive assembly line to lean manufacturing principles, the automotive industry has always led the way in manufacturing technology. As the industry faces ...

  • Faro Factory Robo-Imager Mobile

    Mobile 3D imager


    Faro says its Factory Robo-Imager Mobile combines a 3D imager with a human-collaborative robot, integrated on a mobile station. The company says this system utilises its Factory Array Imager, a metrology-grade 3D scanner with blue light technology, capable of capturing accurate, repeatable and detailed measurement data for dimensional inspection and ...

  • FCA Windsor

    FCA Windsor makes first new Pacifica


    US – Production of the sixth-generation Chrysler vehicle began after the completion of major construction projects at the end of 2014 and the beginning of 2015, plus subsequent upgrade work. Since September 2014, the number of personnel has also increased by 1,200 to 6,000 on three shifts. According to Fiat ...

  • Nikon Metrology

    Laser radar for large-scale metrology


    Nikon Metrology says the Laser Radar MV331 and MV351 units will perform high-speed vision scans enabling faster measurement of complex features, sections and surfaces. New usability features such as an integrated robot mount and removable air filters makes the system suited to robotic inspection on the shop floor. The company ...

  • Cobalt on robot Scanning Door

    3D imager array for in-process measurement


    The new Faro Cobalt 3D imager is equipped with dedicated on-board processors and a smart sensor that allows multi-imager array configurations enabling manufacturers to improve productivity, claims the company. Faro says the system allows an unlimited number of 3D imagers to be placed in array configurations almost anywhere in a ...