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  • AM VW Portugal

    From prototype to production


    The use of additive manufacturing technologies has now moved passed their initial application area of just ‘rapid prototyping’ While now seeing use in limited production roles, additive techniques are still being put to use in new and innovative ways as product development tools. One example is the Plastics 3D Printing ...

  • BMW plant Hungary

    BMW splashes on new plant


    Hungary - The german carmaker has announced it will build an assembly plant in Hungary next year, near the town of Debrecen in the east of the country. Debrecen was selected because of the advantages it offered in terms of infrastructure, logistics connections and proximity to the supplier network. BMW ...

  • omni id

    From paper labels to smart materials


    From the Internet of Things to Industry 4.0, manufacturing is changing. Paper labels no longer fit process complexities; what is required is optimal flexibility and quality assurance For 40 years, paper has been a trusted flag in manufacturing, providing sequential work instructions for operators. This simple visual cue has been ...

  • Continental Structural Plastics

    CSP invests in sheet molding


    France - Continental Structural Plastics (CSP) has announced that it will install a new sheet molding compound (SMC) line at its facility in Pouance. Costing a total of €5.1m (US$6m), the line will allow the supplier to expand its range of advanced composite products made with both glass and carbon ...

  • Intertronics benchtop dispensing robot

    Benchtop dispensing robot


    The Fisnar F4500N dispensing robot offers an expanded format of 500x500mm says Intertronics. Integrated with dispensing equipment from the company’s range, the robot can dispense beads, dots, arcs and infills in three dimensions, with a claimed positioning resolution of 0.001mm/axis. The company says that by adding the appropriate dispensing setup ...

  • Machine setter Darren Evans maintains the wiper action created using the tool with Citizen’s LFV technology creates a superior surface finish

    The problem with plastic


    With automotive manufacturers looking at ever increasing levels of plastic-based materials content, Steed Webzell examines the challenges for machine shops Recent research suggests that by 2020 the average car will incorporate 350kg of plastic-based materials. As a result, the need for efficient and economic machining methods for plastics ...

  • 002a_Spoke Motor exploded

    Motoring on


    Mike Farish reports on the development and manufacture of an innovative electric motorThe rise of electric vehicles and the need for new, efficient powertrain technologies has provided smaller companies with the opportunity to establish themselves as major players – particularly as component or sub-system suppliers – if they can offer ...

  • Nedcar_controllelijn_01_39L_CMYK kopie

    Steel makes a strong case


    With the push for powertrain electrification gaining strength producers of high-strength steel are preparing themselves to capitalise reports James Bakewell In 2017, global sales of battery electric vehicles (BEVs) and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) reached 1.3m units, according to Frédéric Painchault, head of Global Automotive Marketing at steelmaker ...

  • Garant MasterTap

    Universal tap


    The Garant MasterTap is a new universal tap from Hoffman. The company says this tool is suitable for use with a wide range of materials including steel, stainless steel, aluminium, brass and cast iron. The company claims the tap features a new geometry as well as optimised flutes, which it’s ...

  • Henkel thermal interface materials

    Thermal management for EV batteries


    Henkel claims its thermal interface materials (TIMs) provide effective management of heat generated during charging and operation of the battery system. The company says that its Bergquist Gap Pad 1450 offers a solution to move heat away from Li-I cells and is suitable for fragile applications. According to Henkel its ...

  • Flexco transferplate

    Materials handling transfer point solutions


    Flexco says it offers a number of splicing and transfer point solutions to optimise belt conveyor performance. These include segmented transfer plates, which the company says are designed to accommodate both large and small gaps between transfers. It’s claimed the plates prevent product and foreign object debris from jamming in ...

  • BorgWarner  eGearDrive transmission

    EV transmission


    BorgWarner says its eGearDrive transmission has been designed for the emerging high-volume electric vehicle market and is featured in First Automotive Works (FAW) Group’s Besturn B30EV and Junpai A70E. The company says this transmission features an efficient helical gear train that offers quiet performance and it’s claimed can handle high ...

  • Versaperm multi-chamber mass-spectroscopy

    Mass-spectroscopy instrument


    Versaperm claims it has developed a new multi-chamber mass-spectroscopy based instrument that allows OEMs to identify and correct problems by measuring permeability for water vapour, air and hydrocarbons, and any other gas as well. The company says this system works on both complex components and assemblies as well as on ...