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    Colocando o Kia na Eslováquia


    Com seus números de produção continuando a aumentar, a instalação da Kia Motors Slovakia em Žilina está levando a bandeira às nações menores produtoras de automóveis Uma configuração pitoresca não é uma métrica que os OEMs necessariamente valorizam quando selecionam locais de produção, mas é aquela na qual a Kia ...

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    El idilio de Kia en Eslovaquia


    Siguen aumentando las cifras de producción en la planta de Kia Motors Slovakia en Žilina y lidera así los países más pequeños en la producción de automóviles Seguramente las marcas no buscan paisajes pintorescos a la hora de establecer sus plantas, pero es una de las virtudes de Kia Motors ...

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    Desbloqueando demanda


    Inconveniência violenta e incerteza econômica continuam a aumentar o Oriente Médio, mas a produção automotiva está crescendo graças à libertação da demanda no Irã, o maior consumidor de veículos da região Até que foram levantadas no início de 2016, o Irã sofreu fortemente sob o jugo das sanções econômicas relacionadas ...

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    Desbloqueando la demanda


    Los violentos disturbios y la incertidumbre económica amenazan a Oriente Medio, pero la producción automotriz crece vertiginosamente gracias a la liberalización de la demanda en Irán, el principal consumidor de vehículos en la región La economía iraní sufrió mucho especialmente a partir de 2012 hasta el levantamiento de las sanciones ...

  • Kyung Soo Lee, Hyundai

    Hyundai names new leader for America


    US – As president and CEO, Kyung Soo Lee will be responsible for the OEM’s sales and marketing in the country, beginning on September 18. After his temporary posting, Jerry Flannery has returned to his role as executive vice-president, chief legal and safety officer. “Mr. Lee has an in-depth understanding ...

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    Unlocking demand


    Violent unrest and economic uncertainty continue to rack the Middle East, but automotive production is booming thanks to the liberation of demand in Iran, the biggest consumer of vehicles in the region Up until they were lifted in early 2016, Iran suffered heavily under the yoke of nuclear-related economic sanctions ...

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    Putting the Kia into Slovakia


    With its production numbers continuing to increase, the Kia Motors Slovakia facility in Žilina is flying the flag for smaller car-producing nations A picturesque setting is not a metric that OEMs necessarily value when selecting production sites, but it is one in which Kia Motors Slovakia (KMS) scores highly. The ...

  • Focus, Ford Rayong

    Colonised by China


    The underdeveloped but populous countries of South-East Asia could be rich pickings for Chinese OEMs Malaysia's domestic makers Japan dominates Indonesia Philippine production boom Thailand and Vietnam open up Mixed success for motorcycles Suppliers find opportunities The Chinese are now mounting their most serious ...

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    Troubled times


    New global politics and difficulties at home threaten the production and export hubs of Japan and Korea Nissan reforming Mitsubishi Production is laboured in Korea Motorcycle decline slowing Suppliers finding new partners Threats from the US to tear up free-trade agreements and impose tariffs on imported ...

  • Volvo S90 pre-production, Daqing of the new Volvo S90 in the Daqing manufacturing plant

    Getting the green light


    Under government pressure, domestic and international OEMs in China are switching to new-energy vehicles US vehicle manufacturers Premium European brands European high-volume makers Japanese and Korean OEMs Motorcycle producers Suppliers The origins of Chinese vehicle manufacturing are rooted in technology transfers from European, US ...

  • APAC 2017

    OUT NOW: Asia-Pacific special edition


    Given the political upheavals of the past year or so, these are uncertain times for global industry and trade. This includes the vast Asia-Pacific region which is home to some of the biggest players in the automotive industry, such as top producer Toyota (routinely number one or two worldwide in ...

  • H6, Great Wall

    Building a Greater Wall


    One of China’s most successful vehicle-makers must protect future growth by expanding its model line-up Since its creation in 1984, Great Wall Motors has established itself as one of the most widely known and successful Chinese automotive manufacturers. According to recent research by Macquarie Capital Securities, it is currently ranked ...

  • Renault Samsung Busan

    Renault Samsung goes Rogue


    Since launching in 2000, Busan Plant has developed into a flexible and productive operation. The OEM has pushed through a 'Big Deal' with unions which halts the automatic wage increase typical of South Korea Busan in the south-eastern corner of Korea is the location for Renault Samsung Motor’s (RSM) sole ...

  • Hyundai Ulsan

    Bigger not always better


    The largest automotive manufacturing complex in the world boasts five high-tech plants, but sales slumps and strikes have affected output at Hyundai Ulsan. AMS paid a visit to Fifth Plant to see Genesis production There is no place in the automotive world like Hyundai Ulsan. With five vehicle plants ...

  • Hyundai Ulsan

    Editor's note: The politics of production


    I hate to give more attention to an egotist, but when the leader of the most powerful nation on earth threatens to start trade wars with other global big-hitters you have to at least allow for the possibility that he might do what he says. Among others, the key countries ...

  • SsangYong Pyeongtaek

    SsangYong: SUV-iving


    Korea’s smallest carmaker has recently reported record sales, but its only vehicle plant is still underutilised Sales of 12,697 in a month may not seem like much for a mainstream vehicle-maker – and this figure is certainly dwarfed by the 376,109 units reported for June by Korean giant Hyundai – ...

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    Hyundai’s power share


    Its plant at Cangzhou is the latest example of how Hyundai sees clear advantages in implementing Inductive Power Transfer technology Inductively powered conveyors have been successfully implemented across automotive manufacturing facilities for many years. Among the users and supporters of this technology, the Hyundai Motor Group is probably the largest ...

  • AvtoVaz 4х4

    Luz no fim do túnel


    Com planos para expandir as exportações e os sinais de uma recuperação fraca no mercado automotivo russo, a recuperação está brotando na AvtoVAZ? Enquanto a Rússia resiste aos desafios políticos no exterior, sua principal empresa de automóveis domésticos (embora de propriedade estrangeira) está mais do que nunca alcançando além das ...

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    Luz al final del túnel


    El mercado automotriz ruso parece crecer lentamente y hay planes de aumentar las exportaciones, ¿son estos los brotes verdes para la recuperación de AvtoVAZ? Mientras Rusia se enfrenta a retos políticos más allá de sus fronteras, su principal marca de automóviles nacional (aunque en manos extranjeras) busca expandirse al extranjero ...

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    Light at the end of the tunnel


    With plans to expand exports and signs of a slight rise in the Russian automotive market, are the green shoots of recovery sprouting for AvtoVAZ? While Russia weathers political challenges abroad, its main domestic (albeit foreign-owned) car company is reaching out beyond the country’s borders to a greater extent than ...