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  • MBUSI_assembly

    Mexico parts shortage hits production at Mercedes-Benz Tuscaloosa


    Parts supply shortages from Mexico mean that Mercedes-Benz will temporarily suspend production at its US plant in Alabama – Mercedes-Benz US International (MBUSI) next week…

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    Watch: Livestream Hour Episode 6 – Aftermarket and Service Parts: Keeping the wheels moving


    In this episode of the Livestream Hour, we discuss the pandemic’s potential impact on aftersales supply and the aftermarket, including the long-term effects on supply chains and what this means for managing inventory. With special guests from Toyota North America, LKQ Europe and CLEPA. Hosted by editor-in-chief Christopher Ludwig. 

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    2020-05-20T14:27:00Z By STÄUBLI ROBOTICS

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    2020-05-20T14:20:00Z By STÄUBLI ROBOTICS

    Stäubli robots at Bosch Nuremberg integrated by Maschinenbau Silberhorn Stäubli robots for High-precision Laser Cutting Ceiling mounted RX160 he inside a washing cell video

  • csm_robotics-solutions-automotive-tires-success-story-continetal-hip-2x-37653-jpg-orig_3e72c1f73a

    Cutting the perfect tread

    2020-05-20T14:06:00Z By STÄUBLI ROBOTICS

    Automated carving of prototype tires Prototype tires generally have their tread carved by hand. But at tire giant Continental, they like to do things differently. High-precision Stäubli robots handle the difficult task of carving with a hot blade, achieving maximum accuracy and reproducibility, and working faster than ever before. ...

  • csm_robotics-solutions-automotive-powertrain-story-silberhorn-hip-2x-37623-jpg-orig_31aa3b8154

    State of emergency in the cell

    2020-05-20T14:01:00Z By STÄUBLI ROBOTICS

    Deburring and cleaning vehicle precision components Innovative robotic deburring cells use waterjets at up to 2,000 bar to simultaneously deburr and clean vehicle components. Plants rely on Stäubli six-axis HE robots , which are perfectly designed to handle the tough conditions in the cell. Maschinenbau Silberhorn has made ...

  • csm_Nissan19-TX200he-hip-2x-59806-jpg-orig_0a81bd3ed5

    HE robots excel where others fail

    2020-05-20T13:57:00Z By STÄUBLI ROBOTICS

    Six-axis machines for inline parts cleaning 100 percent humidity and a pH of 9: in such conditions, the deployment of robots poses real challenges. These are the very parameters under which Stäubli robots are delivering reliable service on the parts cleaning line at the Nissan Dongfeng engine plant in ...

  • csm_robotics-solutions-automotive-chassis-safety-success-story-Cevotec-hip-2x-01-47862-jpg-orig_036475ae2d

    The next generation of additive manufacturing

    2020-05-20T13:51:00Z By STÄUBLI ROBOTICS

    Efficient production of high-strength lightweight components The Fiber Patch Placement (FPP) systems developed by a Bavarian technology company constitute a step change in additive manufacturing. Thanks to high-performance robotics, the process has the potential to revolutionize the series production of geometrically complex lightweight parts in the automotive industry. ...

  • csm_robotics-solutions-automotive-chassis-safety-success-story-Audi-hip-2x-37511-jpg-orig_bd7dfec493 (1)

    Quantum leap towards Industry 4.0 in mold manufacturing

    2020-05-20T13:47:00Z By STÄUBLI ROBOTICS

    Robot-assisted machining of molds At the highly advanced Audi Competence Center for Plant Equipment and Forming Technology, they are gradually working towards the digital linking of all processes. A robotic machining center now replaces four radial drilling machines in the manufacture of molds. Back in 2015, when Audi ...

  • csm_kuebrich-testing-touchscreens-TX60L-hip-2x-03-48755-jpg-orig_a1eb6a5a69

    Automated testing under extreme conditions

    2020-05-20T13:38:00Z By STÄUBLI ROBOTICS

    Quality checking of touchscreens in an environmental chamber Quality checking touchscreens within a temperature range of -40 to +85 degrees Celsius places extreme demands on robotics. Now for the first time, a Stäubli six-axis machine is meeting this challenge without the use of a protective cover. Touchscreens for ...

  • csm_robotics-solutions-automotive-interior-success-story-TRW-hip-2x-37441-jpg-orig_6435fa7359

    Committed to safety

    2020-05-20T13:29:00Z By STÄUBLI ROBOTICS

    Efficient assembly of airbag control sensors TRW Systems in the county of Durham, UK, is one of the market leaders in the manufacture of intelligent safety systems and has made a name for itself as a reputable supplier of airbag control sensors. Until recently, the production of airbag modules ...

  • A comprehensive set of Ford global standards on social distancing and employee health and safety actions are being implemented across the UK facilities

    Production to resume at Ford’s UK operations


    Initial production at the Dagenham and Bridgend engine plants will restart from 18 May 

  • All employees and visitors entering and exiting the plant premises are also being screened for temperature checks.

    Tata Motors restarts operations at selected plants


    With dedicated teams ensuring a safe working environment at each location, Tata begins a calibrated restart of manufacturing operations for commercial and passenger vehicles

  • The new safety protocols are aligned with WHO,CDC and OSHA recommendations

    New working protocols as FCA prepares to restart North American operations


    As the OEM prepares to resume production, best practices from FCA plants in China and Italy are helping guide North American safety protocols.

  • Livestream Hour_MASC_after event

    Watch: Livestream Hour Episode 5 – Mexico Automotive Supply Chain in Focus


    In Episode 5 of the Livestream Hour, we discuss the key risks in the Mexican automotive supply chain, and strategies for successfully restarting manufacturing and supply chains, whilst preparing for USMCA implementation. With special guests from Volkswagen, Honda, the US-Mexico Chamber of Commerce and CNW. Hosted by editor-in-chief Christopher Ludwig.

  • Production will be running at approximately 50% for a number of weeks as the takt time of each car has doubled

    Bentley resumes production with new working environment


    Production has resumed at the company’s headquarters in Crewe, England, following the implementation of 250 hygiene and social distancing guidelines

  • The E-Flex platforms leverage the company’s proprietary technology, manufacturing and design services

    Karma offers fully-electric platform for economic mobility


    Designed for multiple powertrain and various vehicle applications, Karma says its fully electric E-Flex platform supports zero-emission and economic transportation of passengers, small cargo and last-mile delivery

  • EmilioHerreranewChiefOperatingOfficerforKiaMotorsEurope

    Watch: Kia maintains investment, launches and stability in Europe


    In this video interview, Kia Motors Europe chief operating officer, Emilio Herrera, and director of marketing, Carlos Lahoz, outline how the Korean brand is learning from supply chain and production disruptions, digitalising sales channels and maintaining investment in electrification to chart a route towards recovery in Europe.

  • salzgitter vw battery development

    VW-Northvolt joint venture invests in battery operations at Salzgitter


    Volkswagen makes initial investment of €450m to erect buildings and infrastructure for a joint battery cell factory in Salzgitter

  • 276966_automotivesupplierprofitanalysis_505256

    Tier suppliers braced to react as vehicle production resumes


    The majority of OEMs will return to some level of production this month as pandemic-enforced lockdowns are eased, but there is concern about whether their schedules match customer demand and how this is being communicated to tier suppliers