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  • Autodesk webinar

    Autodesk: A step towards a digital factory model


    A factory changeover is the wrong time to identify interferences and issues with your factory layout. Problems at this stage can be expensive and lead to production delays. The solution is to create a single digital model of your factory, building upon familiar 2D layout techniques and adding 3D factory ...

  • Paula

    Comau Thermal Spray Coating Process: Surface Preparation and Block Design


    Preparation of the surface is a first critical step in the successful implementation of Thermal Spray coating, where design and technical constraints can be a challenge.In this webinar Comau walked you through a variety of surface preparation techniques with respect to bond strength, ease of application and cost. You were ...

  • ABB_12sept_2013.jpg

    ABB in press automation - a technology update


    The press-shop is one of the most capital intensive processes in the automotive industry. A revolution started a few years ago stemming from a demand for ever-increasing levels of flexibility, productivity and safety. The fast-paced technological advances in flexible robotic automation and press motion control soon found a fertile ground ...

  • comauwebinarimage1.png

    Comau powertrain thermal spray coating solutions


    The development and demand for light weight engines has brought into sharp focus technologies that have been waiting in the sidelines. Thermal spraying for cylinder bores is one such example. In general, cylinder bores thermal spraying’s main driver is fuel economy, followed by weight reduction, cost effectiveness, improved performance and ...

  • trumpfwebinarimage1.jpg

    Innovative laser applications and production solutions for powertrain components


    The use of laser welding of automotive powertrain components is gaining momentum. Its advantages are weight, space and material savings compared to traditional assembly techniques. Due to its low-heat input attribute, laser welding provides nearly distortion-free welding at a high speed compared to other welding technologies.This webinar gave an overview ...

  • Autodesk_Webinar_email1.gif

    Latest techniques to plan factory changes using 3D laser scanning


    Manufacturing companies must make constant changes to meet competitive pressures and take full advantage of market opportunities. Although change involves risk, successful companies use ways to control these risks often using 3D technology.According to analyst firm Tech-Clarity’s 2013 Study “Best Practices for Factory Adaptability”, top performing manufacturers are nearly two ...

  • FARO_Image_email_25Sept1.png

    FARO Laser Tracker Vantage - No compromise: even in tough environments


    In this webinar FARO presented the latest Laser Tracker Vantage which enables measurement jobs under difficult operating conditions, and highlights how extremely accurate large volume measurement challenges can be solved as well as complex problems that weren’t previously possible.The FARO Laser Tracker creates ground-breaking efficiencies in alignment, machine installation, component ...

  • ABB_12sept_201318.jpg

    Introduce a new car model into production over a weekend


    The pressure to release new models quickly to the market has never been higher. As a result, the development of conceptualisation and design tools have significantly evolved in 3D virtual design environments, simulation engineer, and rapid prototyping. Such breakthroughs achieve shorter development time, but commissioning new plants costs valuable time ...

  • Webinar_Comau_image1.jpg

    Advanced materials and process technologies


    The widespread introduction of new advanced / lightweight materials is being driven by the latest ‘green’ legislation, leading to the creation of alternative process solutions to meet medium and high volume vehicle manufacture.During the webinar, Comau puts the focus on advanced multi-material joining and explain how early involvement in engineering ...

  • AMSWebinar_Middleimage_ABB_19June2013_v2_copy1.png

    Re-defining in-process inspection with portable CMMs


    FARO develops and markets portable CMMs (Coordinate Measuring Machines) and 3D imaging devices to solve dimensional metrology problems. Technology from FARO permits high-precision 3D measurement, imaging and comparison of parts and compound structures within production and quality assurance processes. FARO devices are used for inspecting components and assemblies, production planning, ...

  • AMSWebinar_Middleimage_ABB_19June2013_v2_copy21.png

    ABB interlaced concept for car body painting


    Car body painting started as a labour-intensive manual process. With the gradual introduction of new technologies such as robotics the paint process has for many years become a mix of manual and automated operations. Nowadays many paint lines are 100% dependent on automation. The technology has been introduced step-by-step and ...

  • AMSWebinars_TRUMPF13June13_image11.png

    Laser Technology: the right tool for E-Mobility


    CO2 emission legislation and initiatives set by governments, the expected shortage of oil and the increasing cost of fuel result in a global requirement for alternative forms of energy.We refer to this mega trend as E-Mobility. Specifically we focus on alternative drives, energy storage systems, concepts for lightweight design, and ...

  • Trump_webinar17012013_pic11.gif

    New trends in the process chain hot forming


    Modern automobiles have to satisfy the latest crash test standards. One way to achieve this is using high tensile strength steels in the passenger compartment. Laser technology is used throughout the press hardening process, due to its versatility in multiple applications.One of the new trends in hot forming is the ...

  • ABB_18Dec2012_pic11.gif

    Robotic laser cutting applications: Building competitive advantage using modular solutions


    This webinar explored how current laser technologies combined with flexible robot based automation can help manufacturers build competitive advantage through quality and productivity improvements. This webinar was presented by: Nigel PlattNigel Platt Joined ABB Robotics in 1990 as Automotive Account Manager for the UK and has held various ...

  • AMS_webinar_KUKA30Oct12_pic11.gif

    Industrial robots: Achieve low costs, high efficiency and sustainable production


    .auto-style1 {vertical-align: top;margin-left: 5px;margin-right: 5px;}.auto-style2 {text-align: center;}“Global Warming” and worldwide discussions about the carbon dioxide footprint, have brought production methods into sharp focus. Energy-efficient robot systems will not only reduce energy costs in a production plant, but also drastically reduce carbon-dioxide emission. In addition, they will also help to reduce ...

  • May_08_PF_013_revision_resized1.gif

    ABB Robotics paint concept for efficient paintshops


    High efficiency is the focal point for new and retrofit robotic paint systems developed by ABB. The use of new, high performance products in innovative layouts results in high efficiency paint process methods. Innovative process concepts including, “No-Patch”, “Stay-On”, Cartridge Bell Systems (CBS), IRB 5500 robot, RB1000 atomizer and RobotStudio ...

  • image1

    Innovative car body identification based on RFID technology


    Total integration of product identification for automotive production processes is the dream of many industry leaders. With RFID-based identification of the car body, commonly referred to as "Body-ID", it is already possible to integrate and harmonise track & trace for the main line in car production.This webinar showed how integrated ...

  • invitation1.jpg

    Fast, accurate and remote measurements - the new FARO Laser Tracker Vantage


    The goal of this complimentary webinar was to introduce you to the most flexible way to complete measurement jobs faster, in tough environments while maintaining high accuracy, and to move easily between job-sites. Whether your requirment is part inspection, assembly, alignment, robot calibration, machine fixture or quality control, Laser Tracker ...