Laser technology is a constant companion to the increasingly common hot stamping process, a primary application being the trimming of hardened parts. But there is an array of laser applications in the process chain of hot stamping, which is maturing and developing in new directions as OEMs exploit its potential to save weight and increase safety in cars. This trend includes the tailoring of part properties. Laser technology is well positioned to enable this trend, or else provide alternatives in the manufacturing process.

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Michael Fritz
Michael joined TRUMPF USA in 2000 as product manager for Laser Systems. In 2007, he became regional sales manager and assumed responsibility for Laser Technology in Canada. He was key account manager for an automotive tier one supplier, where he was involved in several hot stamping projects. Since 2010, he has worked in the Automotive Group at TRUMPF in Germany and is responsible for the hot stamping market, serving as global key account manager for tier one suppliers.

Daniel Maier
Daniel has recently joined TRUMPF Automotive Group as industry manager for the hot stamping market as well as global key account manager for a tier one supplier. Previously, he worked for Daimler as purchasing manager for body and structural components. During this time, he was involved in cold and hot stamping projects for Daimler's Truck and Car Groups.