CO2 emission legislation and initiatives set by governments, the expected shortage of oil and the increasing cost of fuel result in a global requirement for alternative forms of energy.

We refer to this mega trend as E-Mobility. Specifically we focus on alternative drives, energy storage systems, concepts for lightweight design, and infrastructure.

This webinar focussed on the new technology areas of:

  • welding different materials, eg aluminium+copper; aluminium+steel;
  • gas-tight welding of boxes containing heat-sensitive components;
  • joining with low electrical resistance;
  • and new, innovative and weight-reducing geometries.

With its high flexibility, high process speed and ability to apply energy very selectively to material, laser solutions are perfect for manufacturing components of the highest quality with high productivity. 

Lasers are the right tool for production of E-Mobility components - from small lot sizes to the serial production of tomorrow.


This webinar was presented by:

Uwe Kriegshäuser

Uwe Kriegshäuser studied precision/ mechatronics engineering at University of Applied Science in Esslingen and holds an MBA degree in International Management and Marketing from Pforzheim University and Nanyang Business School in Singapore (NBS).

He started his automotive career at KPMG Consulting. As a project manager he has led several process, management and strategic projects.

Mr. Kriegshäusern joined the TRUMPF Group in 2008 and now leads the E-Mobility within the laser technology business area.

Marc Kirchhoff

Marc Kirchhoff studied mechanical engineering at the Technical University of Hamburg (TUHH) before working as a research assistant at the Institute of Laser and System Technology (iLAS) in Hamburg.

In 2009 he transferred to LZN - Laser Zentrum Nord; the newly-founded spin-off company based in Hamburg, where he was responsible for the makro-group and cutting and welding.

He joined TRUMPF in April 2013 as Industry Manager and is responsible for E-Mobility applications.

The TRUMPF Group ranks among the leading manufacturing companies worldwide. In the field of industrial lasers and laser systems, the company is the global technological leader. With 60 subsidiaries and branch offices, the Group is represented in almost every European country, North and South America as well as in Asia. As the world’s leading provider of laser manufacturing technology, TRUMPF is the one-stop shop for all auto manufacturers and suppliers seeking cost-efficient, high-speed, top-quality solutions for their production requirements: starting with laser systems and extending through beam sources, beam guidance, optics and numerical control, to all inclusive service and support.