Cleaning is a key and often challenging step in the automotive production workflow.

Manufacturers need a fast, efficient and cost-effective solution for removing dirt, grease and other unwanted substances from manufactured parts, molds and tools. Quality and productivity for joining and coating are enhanced when you have a superior solution. Process automation is key to improving productivity and many operations are looking for eco-friendly alternatives.

View this webinar to learn about this waterless, solvent-free system to remove residue and other contaminants from plastic and metal surfaces, using a pressurized stream of cryogenic carbon dioxide and micro-particles of dry ice. The compact, scalable and easily automated system provides a cost effective solution, while providing continuous cleaning on demand.  It is a highly-effective alternative to more traditional aqueous based systems for surface preparation.   

The webinar examines:

       * The physics and surface dynamics of the cleaning system
       * Primary applications in OEM parts manufacturing and finishing        
       * Comparison with other parts cleaning methods, including water-based systems

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This webinar was presented by:

Rolf Heninger

Rolf holds a diploma in mechanical and aerospace engineering from the Technical University Munich. Previously a department manager for the application of automotive head-airbags for Autoliv BV, Rolf is currently Head of Industry Segment Plastics and Cryo at  Linde Group. He is responsible for the development and support of gas based technologies for plastic conversion, rubber processing, various cryogenic applications and cryogenic grinding. Rolf has filed more than ten patents in the past five years.