The development and demand for light weight engines has brought into sharp focus technologies that have been waiting in the sidelines. Thermal spraying for cylinder bores is one such example. In general, cylinder bores thermal spraying’s main driver is fuel economy, followed by weight reduction, cost effectiveness, improved performance and durability.

This presentation will show how Comau leverages its expertise in welding systems, metal cutting and manufacturing systems putting them together with powertrain thermal coating solutions to deliver a turnkey solution for high volume production.

This webinar was presented by:

Paulo E.S Rosa

Paulo graduated from the University of Western Ontario with a degree in materials engineering. He started working for Chrysler Canada in 1996, moving to Chrysler Corporation in 1997; taking the lead for the development of alternative liner systems. He is one of the original LDS patent inventors and has four patents in thermal spray. He is Comau's Product Manager, Powertrain Thermal Spray Systems.

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