Suppliers will charge the change: opportunities in the EV value chain

High Voltage_Electric Machine continental

While much focus is put on OEM plans to launch more electric vehicles, a great deal of the technology, value, production and services will come from both existing and emerging suppliers across the value chain. We expect many new opportunities for these companies over the next decade.

An electric vehicle powertrain contains many crucial elements that are both complex and expensive to develop, design and produce – and which are essential to the zero or low emissions technology of electrified powertrains. Along with batteries, these include an electric motor, transmission and motor controller (comprising a battery management system and power inverter).

We expect more than half of vehicle powertrains to be electric or hybridised to some degree by 2030, which will create enormous opportunities for suppliers across the value chain, including established powertrain specialists who have made gains or are poised to benefit.

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