Magna has landed a crucial contract to provide a specialised eDrive system for a well-known North America-based OEM, marking a pivotal step in the automotive industry’s shift towards electric mobility

Magna has secured a key contract to supply a specialised primary rear eDrive system for a well-known niche vehicle platform, increasing expansion of its electrification customer base. The contract, awarded by a yet-unnamed North America-based automotive OEM, highlights Magna’s role in advancing the automotive industry’s sweeping  electrification efforts. The collaboration aims to address both the immediate, and future transformation needs of the automotive industry as it continues to pivot towards electric mobility.

Specialised and integrated hardware to power OEM electrification needs

At the heart of this new electrification program is a variant of Magna’s 800V eDS Duo, a primary rear system engineered to deliver unparalleled power and performance. This specialised eDrive system is designed to produce 726 kW of power and 8,000 Nm of torque, positioning it among the elite in vehicular performance today.

Magna Steyr Plant Graz 2018_small

Magna’s Steyr Plant, in Graz, Austria

The system’s complexity is highlighted by its integration of dual e-motors, inverters, and gearboxes into a singular, efficient package. This innovative assembly promises to set a new benchmark for powertrain systems in high-end vehicles.

Powertrains and positioning: the Mexican connection

Magna’s comprehensive responsibilities in this project include the design of the gearbox and housing, the cooling system, and the seamless integration of the e-motors and inverters. These efforts are aimed at ensuring the system’s reliability, efficiency, and ability to maintain continuous power levels.

Manufacture of the system will take place at Magna’s facility in Ramos, Mexico, with serial production anticipated to commence in the coming years.

President of Magna Powertrain, Diba Ilunga

Diba Ilunga, President of Magna Powertrain, expressed the company’s dedication to facilitating the automotive industry’s shift towards electrification. “We are dedicated to assisting our customers in their transition to electrification by providing them with industry-leading electrified platforms for a sustainable, emission-free future,” Ilunga stated. “This award reflects our expertise in electric powertrain system engineering and integration, as well as our collaborative approach with a highly valued customer to deliver cutting-edge solutions.”


Magna has also committed $700 million towards establishing a new battery enclosure facility in Ontario, Canada, alongisde its mutliple projects in the region

This strategic award is fitting as it highlights Magna’s expertise in electric powertrain system engineering and integration, as well as the company’s commitment to supporting the evolution of the automotive sector towards a more electrified future.

Magna’s dive into Blue Oval City

As North America’s largest diversified parts auto supplier, Magna International has announced an investment of $790m to build three new factories to produce components for the production of Ford’s upcoming electric pickups.  

With the focus on electric vehicle production, two of its factories will be built at Ford’s supplier park at its 3,600-acre Blue Oval City manufacturing complex in Stanton, Tennessee, where the OEM will build next-gen electric pickups and EV battery cells as part of the EV value chain. Blue Oval City is Ford’s major project to bring electric zero-emission vehicles at scale to American customers “with the largest, most advanced, most efficient auto production complex in its 118-year history.” 

When production gets off the ground in 2025, Ford expects its new $5.6 billion, 4m-sq.ft (371,600 sq.m) assembly plant to have an annual capacity of 500,000 vehicles. 

As one of the first suppliers to join the network, Magna will be a major contributor towards the electrification project and said it expected to employ 1,300 people across its plants. The supplier will build EV battery enclosures, alongside vehicle frames and complete seats beginning at the complex’s production launch date of 2025.

Magna’s North American projects

Magna is also significantly bolstering its presence in other regions throughout North America through strategic expansions and investments aimed at supporting the burgeoning EV market.

In Ontario, Canada, the company has committed $700 million towards establishing a new battery enclosure facility in Brampton. This state-of-the-art facility is set to play a crucial role in the production of battery enclosures for the Ford F-150 Lightning electric pickup, along with future projects for various OEMs. These projects further draw attention to Magna’s commitment to the electric vehicle industry and its expanding role in fostering innovation within the automotive sector in Canada.

Further extending its influence in the EV sphere, Magna announced recent plans to supply battery enclosures for the all-new 2024 Chevrolet Silverado EV. The enclosures will be manufactured at the Magna Electric Vehicle Structures facility located in St. Clair, Michigan. This facility is not new to the production of critical components for electric vehicles, as it already manufactures the battery enclosure for the GMC Hummer EV.

By expanding its production capabilities to include the Chevrolet Silverado EV, Magna is reinforcing its position as a key player in the supply chain for electric vehicles, demonstrating its expertise and capacity to meet the growing demand for EV components across North America.