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There is no need to shut down automated paintshops to change the filters. A patented system developed by Edrizzi is helping to ensure non-stop operations in the paintshop process


The Edrizzi system, which was developed in 2003, offers companies with paintshops economical, environmentally friendly and ergonomic paint mist separation. The system is based on the patented paint mist separators Edrizzi Vario, made from corrugated cardboard. The Vario’s dispose a high absorption capacity of up to 100kg/m2. In most scenarios, the saturated boxes can be disposed of cost-effectively in incineration plants. According to the application, the paint mist separation is completed by one of seven Edrizzi follow-up filtrations or alternative recommended filters.

For many years, Edrizzi’s technical centre in Lienz has been looking at solutions for an automatic filter change in paintshops to avoid downtime – particularly in automated paintshops in the automotive industry. Now, Edrizzi inventor and manager Michael Eder has applied for a patent for the Edrizzi Non-Stop system.

The system Edrizzi Non-StopEdrizzi’s motto ‘the best ideas are the simple ones’ is again confirmed in the new system Edrizzi Non-Stop. The paint mist separation is installed underfloor below the gratings. There are two changing zones in the system on each side of the separation area. A tapered air duct increases the settling speed of the overspray from between 0.25 and 0.5 m/s in the painting area to between 0.5 and 1 m/s in the separation zone. Thus, the highest possible absorption of the Edrizzi filtration system is reached.

The Vario paint mist separators and the CUBE01 follow-up filtration (in which every filter medium can be used depending on application) are installed into drawers. A third filtration is installed within the air circulation canal. Across the whole length of the paintshop two drawers per amplitude are installed. As soon as the depression sensor signals a saturation of the filter system, the wagons are changed automatically. The exchange follows the zipper system. The drawers with the saturated filtration carts go into the changing area, the drawers with the newly equipped filtration carts go into the separation area.Saturated paint mist separators and follow-up filters are disposed and substituted with new ones. Now, the second wagon awaits the depression sensor’s signal and its turn in the changing zone.

The automatic exchange ensures a non-stop operation of the paintshop across all shifts. No downtime for cleaning intervals for wet extraction are necessary. Costs for coagulation agents, chemicals, paint sludge extractions and pump equipment are non existent.

The Edrizzi system not only saves energy due to the circulation air mode, but also space. Wet extraction extends over two storeys and the Edrizzi system works efficiently on one floor below the gratings. The noise level in the coating zone is reduced to a value between 15-20Db, and the unpleasant odours of wet extraction are reduced.


edrizzi NON-STOP system The Edrizzi system is based on a handy cube made of corrugated cardboard, which can be cost-effectively disposed of at incineration plants and very compactly transported and stored as the boxes can be disassembled


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