Heller training machining centreHeller Machine Tools says it has introduced a training machine designed to raise the skill level of horizontal machining centre operators away from the shop floor. The company clams the CNC ProfiTrainer builds on the capabilities of an existing 4-axis version with rotary table by offering the option of an additional +30 / -120 degree A-axis.

Although the machine is designed to mimic the operation of its full-size machine tools the company points out that it can also be used to provide training for any make of prismatic machining equipment. The simulator is fitted with a full version of the Siemens 840D sl control with Fanuc and Heidenhain equivalents also available. The company says that functions that cannot be performed on the training machine, such as operation of a tool magazine, can be simulated using control runtimes.

The machine is designed to tolerate operating errors, provides skills training without tying up a machine on the shop floor, says Heller, and removes the risk of a crash occurring on a real machine.