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  • Henkel duaLCys

    Cleaning and machining


    The Bonderite duaLCys process has been used in a precision tool, machining project at German customer Mapal, claims Henkel. The company says the process can be tailored to the customer’s needs across their value chain from casting and machining to assembly. One of the stated benefits is the recycling of ...

  • no title (00098203)

    The stage to engage


    The continually restructuring tier supply environment is witnessing record M&A activity amid rapid technological change Tier one suppliers currently face a bewildering mix of challenges, some long-term and some short-term in impact. This has always been the case, but the pace of change and the scale of adjustment required now ...

  • Article

    The stage to engage


    The continually restructuring tier supply environment is witnessing record M&A activity amid rapid technological change Tier one suppliers currently face a bewildering mix of challenges, some long-term and some short-term in impact. This has always been the case, but the pace of change and the scale of adjustment required now ...

  • master piecers 3

    Master piecers


    AMS reports on the techniques used in the typically bespoke but ever larger-scale production of blanksIn itself, the term ‘blanking’ denotes something fairly straightforward and unexceptional – creating flat shapes out of sheet metal that may then be subjected to some further process such as bending. But companies wanting to ...

  • Thyssenkrupp

    Thyssenkrupp integrates forging units


    Germany – The company announced that its new Thyssenkrupp Forged Technologies became operational on October 1, becoming one of the largest forging businesses in the world, with sites in the Americas, Europe, India and China. This global network will be controlled from Thyssenkrupp’s headquarters in Essen, with the aim of ...

  • LiFLEX II 444

    Digital analysis for machining centres


    Licon says its i³-technology allows the correction of working spindles independent from each other, also that its customers can use the newly developed LAVA analysis software for machine diagnostics and preventive maintenance. Based on the machine concept LIFLEX II 444 the company says it has developed three platforms with a ...

  • Yamazaki Mazak INTEGREX i-800V 8

    iSmart factory concept


    Yamazaki Mazak says its iSmart factory concept utilises its Industry 4.0 infrastructure, which it claims will enable machine users to make the step-up from automated cell manufacturing to a completely connected I4.0 factory. This iSmart concept combines the company’s SMOOTH Technology, the new SmartBox, which provides faster data analysis with ...

  • Tapping

    Simulating Non-Ferrous Cut and Roll Tapping in the Lab


    As aluminum alloys expand in breath of application and metallurgical properties, it is important to continuously advance the fluids used to machine them. Reducing the total cost of ownership for metalworking fluids is a primary goal of every fluid manufacturer, and often this can be achieved through leaner, tighter ...

  • Kosai 3

    Autonomy drive


    Suzuki has stayed independent of big joint ventures despite becoming increasingly dependent on markets outside Japan In an industry where mergers and collaborations between major players are increasingly common, Suzuki remains something of an outlier. It has largely eschewed wide-ranging, large-scale alliances with other vehicle companies, especially since its joint ...

  • Screen Shot 2017-08-24 at 16.22.51

    Classic cars reborn


    Jaguar Land Rover has embarked on an ambitious project, buying up examples of its classic models that are in need of restoration and effectively remanufacturing them If you see an old Jaguar or Land Rover vehicle rusting and abandoned, then JLR wants to know about it. That is because taking ...

  • Q60, Nissan Tochigi

    Nissan Tochigi's human touch


    Automotive manufacturing is known for its robotics, but Nissan’s ‘master craftsmen’ show that there is still a place for human skill. AMS went to see them at work on the GTR and Infiniti models made at Tochigi, Japan Most countries value luxury products, but few cherish the beauty of ...


    All the right tools


    Supplying the Asia Pacific region ASSAB not only offers a wide range of premium quality tool steels, but also innovative metallurgical and tooling services Headquartered in Singapore the company has its sales companies and service centres in all of the key industrial markets in Asia Pacific. ASSAB says it is ...

  • APAC renishaw 1

    A precision touch


    Renishaw discusses the benefits of using machine tool probes for precision metrology in the manufacturing of forged wheels and car chassis The automotive industry is fiercely competitive. Tier-one automotive manufacturers are constantly looking for breakthroughs in areas such as performance, safety and innovative design, all of which places ...

  • fronius

    Smart welding


    Gerhard Posch of Fronius describes future developments and innovations necessary for welding operations to keep pace with the digitalisation of automotive production The vision that Internet of Things and Industry 4.0 stand for is clear: The ongoing digitalisation can provide valuable data but its benefit is restricted and very limited. ...

  • GOM 1

    Capturing detail


    New interfaces for simple and robust communication between production plant and measuring system are the key to the advance of Industry 4.0 The most important measure for optimising manufacturing processes is quality control involving measurement, analysis, and correction processes. In recent years, the three-dimensional digitising of the actual states of ...

  • Fraunhofer-IPT_300_jns_Hallenfoto_Panorama_montage

    Digital vision


    The Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology has been one of the leading lights in developing the Industry 4.0 concept. Nick Holt discussed institute’s perspective on this with Dr. Thomas Bobek, coordinator of the Fraunhofer High Performance Center Networked Adaptive Production, and how he saw its future implementation in automotive manufacturing ...

  • Screen Shot 2017-07-03 at 11.13.26

    Bi-metal challenges


    Bob Evans and Jon Plawchan of Quaker Chemical Corporation discuss some of the crucial performance and quality aspects required in bi-metal crank bore machiningA highlight of the manufacturing of the crankcase (engine block) is the precision machining of the crankshaft bearing bore. The cylindricity and resulting surface finish for this ...

  • liebherr-chamfercut

    New development for chamfering process


    Liebherr claims that its ChamferCut technology removes the need for additional machining following chamfering. The company says that as the exact chamfer shape is generated during chamfering, there is no effect on the material structure. An optimal starting point is created for the downstream hard gear finishing, through grinding or ...

  • Tornos DT26

    New entry level turning centre


    The Tornos product development team have re-engineered the kinematics of the company’s popular Swiss DT 13 turning centre resulting in the launch of the new Swiss DT 26. The company says the new 5-axis turning centre features two C-axes and has a larger working envelope to enhance operator visibility and ...

  • Heimatec  new line of angle heads

    Angle heads for machining centres


    Designed for heavy milling, deep drilling and tapping operations, Heimatec says its new line of angle heads feature twin or double twin sets of matched angular contact bearings plus a rear radial support bearing, to offer maximum stability in use. The company says all the gears on these angle heads ...