FOURWORXPokolm Frästechnik claims it has redesigned overall geometry of the milling system to produce its Fourworx milling cutters. The company says that even the smallest tool diameter (16mm) features three inserts, which it claims allows cutting depths up to ap 0.75mm and feed rates up to fz 1,2mm/teeth to be achieved. The company also notes that despite the small tool diameter, the new geometry ensures stability in use.

Pokolm says the design of the inserts offers extended service life and good chip removal. In four different grade/coating combinations and with two chip-breaker grooves, they allow the machining of a broad range of materials and are suitable for the machining of steel, cast iron and SAH materials such as titanium and Inconel. Fourworx is available in diameters 16 to 42mm as end mills, threaded-shank mills and with the company’s Duoplug system.