Ugitech ferritic stainless steel UGIMA 4509The new ferritic stainless steel UGIMA 4509 offers the automotive industry more efficient machinability and better corrosion and oxidation resistance, claims Ugitech. The company says this new stainless steel is suited to different methods of working, such as machining, cold heading and welding and is also heat and corrosion resistant.

Applications include welded parts, including lambda sensors and sensor housings, which are mounted directly on the exhaust line. The casing is machined from steel stock and welded to the exhaust pipe. By modifying the material to meet customer specification, the company claims it can guarantee short chipping lengths and improved chip breakability, which fall from the machining surface as they are removed. It’s also claimed this new grade of steel will withstand high and cyclic temperatures of up to 700°C and is also suitable for magnetic applications (solenoids).