Gestamp NitraSlovakia – The €133m ($140.8m) facility will supply carmakers including Jaguar Land Rover, which is building a factory in the country. More than 80% of the output will be aluminium-based.

The plant will cover 42,400 sq.m and start production in 2018, focusing on products which reduce vehicle weight while maintaining safety. According to Gestamp, the facility will use “cutting-edge technological standards”, including two servo-press tandem lines.

Nitra will be Gestamp’s eighth plant in the Visegrád region comprising Slovakia, Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic, where the company employs 2,500 workers. The company already operates one facility in Slovakia, through its subsidiary Edscha, at Velky Meder, where it employs 170 people. The new project will create 229 jobs.

Gestamp is now present in 20 countries, running 95 plants and with ten more under construction. The company also has 12 R&D&I centres. Its global workforce exceeds 33,000 individuals.