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  • Daimler Factory 56

    Forging a future in Factory 56


    New car manufacturing facilities will need to be highly flexible as the trends of vehicle electrification and autonomous driving continue to evolve. By Christopher Ludwig and Michael Nash Mercedes-Benz has long been a champion of flexible and efficient manufacturing techniques, carrying out numerous projects to test innovative new processes and ...

  • WMG 1

    Packing in the power


    As JLR ramps up its electrification efforts, Mike Farish visits a pilot production line for battery packs, developed together with WMG at the University of Warwick The difference between round and square is not just a matter of abstract geometry; it has real implications for the construction of effective battery ...

  • Michael Nash headshot

    Travel blog: A slice of Turkish delight


    Once renowned for its pristine beaches, soaring temperatures and enthusiastic hospitality, Turkey was a hot spot for tourists across the world looking to get away for a week or two. But as conflict in neighbouring Syria erupted in 2011, the number of holidaymakers visiting the country plummeted. Change is now ...

  • VW Dresden eGolf marriage

    Raise a glass


    The Transparent Factory, Volkswagen’s unconventional facility in Dresden has been repurposed to assemble the eGolf and become the showcase for the OEM’s e-mobility philosophy After 14 years of assembling high-powered, premium models, Volkswagen’s Dresden facility entered a new phase in the spring of 2016. With the Phaeton model discontinued and ...

  • Inos sponsored article 2018

    Exact and to the point


    inos took on the task of integrating a new gap and flush system into an existing production line shared by two separate and distinct vehicles As modern vehicle design responds to the customers’ growing expectations on fit and finish quality, the demand grows for increasing sophistication in manufacturing techniques. Semi- ...

  • Nick Holt

    Back to the future


    Designed in 1967, the K67 showcased how plastics could be used to create a stylish performance car The automotive related headlines are full of forward looking statements; OEMs describing their brand’s vision of future mobility, new concepts of how they envision we will be moved around appearing at motor ...

  • ABB spot welding technology at Scania plant in Oskarshamn

    Spotting an opportunity


    Steed Webzell talks to major players in joining, automation and materials technologies to get their take on the future of spot welding ABB spot welding technology at Scania's plant in Oskarshamn According to a Technavio 2017 report, spot welding is the most popular type of robotic welding, generating more ...

  • Volkswagen co-bots

    Co-bots to help produce electric Golf


    Germany - Volkswagen has recently established a new joint venture (JV) with a start-up called Wandelbots in a bid to establish test stations for collaborative robots at its Transparent Factory in Dresden. The idea is to use the co-bots during the final stages of electric Golf assembly, the production of ...

  • MobileLearning1 copy

    Lessons to learn


    As the automotive industry changes, OEMs and Tier suppliers need to train and retain skilled work forces. Audi takes on approximately 800 apprentices at its two sites in Germany in Ingolstadt and Neckarsulm each year Optimising production processes is a never-ending task for vehicle makers and while automation offers ...

  • Mercedes-Benz Sindelfingen S-Class assembly

    Futuristic assembly at 'Factory 56'


    Mercedes-Benz is building a new vehicle assembly facility that will act as a blueprint for the future development of all its production sites. Michael Nash reports Assembly of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class at the company's Sindelfingen plant Mercedes-Benz has long been a champion of flexible and efficient manufacturing techniques, carrying ...

  • Audi A4 production in Aurangabad, India

    A race for third place


    India’s vehicle sales are booming to the benefit of a handful of established manufacturers, but it’s still a tricky market for those on the sidelines Last year, India’s passenger vehicle market cracked 3m units for the first time, up 9% on 2016, according to data from Swedish analyst firm AID. ...

  • Ford GT Robot Cell - Lincoln Electric

    Reducing costs in welding aluminium


    In an industry where everyone is looking for a more efficient vehicle, OEMs have started shifting their focus to aluminium as their material of choice, writes Lincoln Electric’s Mikael D. Carriere The use of aluminium has continuously grown in the automotive industry in the last 40 years and it has ...

  • Allen Bradley VersaView

    Open architecture industrial computers


    The Allen-Bradley VersaView 5000 portfolio includes five products: VersaView 5400 display and non-display computers; VersaView 5200 display and non-display thin clients; and VersaView 5100 monitors, says Rockwell Automation. The company claims that when combined with FactoryTalk View Site Edition software in distributed applications, the VersaView 5400 industrial computers can provide ...

  • Meisterbock Ingolstadt Audi

    Contando com os dados


    A implementação de ferramentas digitais está transformando os processos de controle de qualidade nas operações de fabricação Os gabaritos físicos agora estão sendo processados como modelos digitais e a Audi diz que está no caminho para representar um conceito que reside no mundo digital "virtual". A empresa agora está explorando ...

  • Meisterbock Ingolstadt Audi

    Contando con los datos


    La implementación de las herramientas digitales está transformando los procesos de control de calidad en las operaciones de producción Los planos se generan primero como modelos digitales y Audi asegura que ya está desarrollando un concepto que reside en el mundo digital, 'virtual'. La marca explora ahora el concepto de ...

  • Audi FAW paintshop Changchun

    The secret behind the shine


    ABB Robotics is helping Audi achieve high levels of quality and consistency in its sealing and coating operation With automated painting processes at Audi’s plant in Changchun, China, clean and shining Audi A4Ls are rolling out one by one. This paintshop includes under-body coating, interior seam sealing, cosmetic sealing and ...

  • Sogefi Tredegar

    Degrees of separation


    Sogefi’s plant in Tredegar, Wales, produces complex fuel and air filtration systems and boasts an impressive array of manufacturing technologies On the edge of the Welsh valleys, a few miles north of Cardiff, is the quiet location for a hive of automotive manufacturing activity. According to Chris Jones, plant director ...

  • PSA Hordain

    PSA expands Hordain LCV team


    PSA LVC operations at Hordain, northern France France – Groupe PSA will introduce a fourth production team to its LVC operations at Hordain. The OEM says its decision has been prompted by strong demand for the Peugeot Expert and Citroën Jumpy (known as Dispatch in some markets), as well ...

  • BMW i3_production_cell

    The case for carbon fibre


    The launch of the i3 has changed the conversation about the future application of carbon fibre in vehicle structures Champagne corks popped in Leipzig in October 2017 as BMW celebrated the manufacture of its 100,000th i3, which features a monocoque made from light and stiff, but expensive, carbon fibre-reinforced ...

  • FANUC Dual-arc-welding-laser guided

    Seeing things clearly


    AMS reports on the most recent developments in the use of machine vision technology for quality control applications in automotive manufacturing In response to rapid and sustained improvements in machine vision technologies, a growing number of automotive manufacturing OEMs and suppliers are now deploying such systems in a wider ...