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  • Presse-Information Fronius: Aluminiumteile punkten - Georg Fischer nutzt erfolgreich innovatives Widerstands-Punktschweiï¬verfahren

    Solutions on the spot


    Recent innovations are ensuring that spot welding is a viable joining method for aluminium automotive parts and structures While spot welding has been the joining method of choice for automotive BIW applications, one area where it has shortcomings is welding aluminium. The use of this material in BIW structures has ...

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    Part perfect for BWI


    Mount technologyVariations on a themeBraking groundTest for successDesign for EnvironmentThe latest part of Delphi to be sold to a private firm was its Ride Dynamics and Brakes unit, which has become Beijing West Industries (BWI) Group. Under GM, Delphi was of the world’s largest automotive part manufacturers. After being made ...

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    Fast finish


    Anything’s possibleReturn to racingThe term ‘rapid prototyping’ is not popular among the companies that provide the relevant technologies, for two basic reasons: its association with the sophisticated but expensive techniques involving laser curing of resin materials that predominated when the concept first appeared a couple of decades ago; and the ...

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    Pigs in the paint shop


    VarioBell at Rehau Robots on the inside Plastic component supplier Rehau and BMW have both benefited from the latest paint line technology supplied by Eisenmann. And it’s based on a pigging system that enables rapid paint changes with little loss Surface finishing is one of ...

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    New methods for manufacturing


    Welding robotsMilitary spaceframesThroat sizeMoulding the linerPUR skinLFI InmoldTaking out the VOCsBy-passing the bridgeResearch effortScanning for accuracyProduction futureTier suppliers and manufacturers of vehicles outside the passenger car market have long been pioneers in the adoption of new technologies. AMS examines some of the latest innovations and techniques being used to cut ...

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    Tier suppliers under pressure


    Cost of raw materials is relentlessThe supplier base is shrinkingAssembly integrationLife’s a batchGetting up close and personalConsolidation could be the new trendThe economic downswing means that more than ever, Tier Ones in the automotive sector are fighting for business, but there are a few success stories out thereThe ongoing, and ...

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    Light-weighting vehicle electronics


    Heavy metalThe heat of battleGarry Myatt of Exception PCB takes a look at how saving weight and increasing durability in vehicle electronic architectures can draw lessons from race car technology developmentsThe quest to develop more powerful, yet lighter, electronics systems for the motor industry is one of the key areas ...

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    The optics at Ogihara


    When Japanese Tier One parts supplier Ogihara introduced its revolutionary manufacturing system it needed to bring OEMs up to speed with a user-friendly measurement data solution. CogniTens’ Optigo technology provided the means at just the right timeAhead of the gameEnter CogniTensTime-sensitive troubleshootingRe-engineering and OptigoKey benefitsSix years ago, Ogihara’s quality team ...

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    Differentiation is key


    With the aid of specialist software from Dassault Systèmes, American Specialty Cars has come up with an innovative open air roof solution that will rejuvenate the SUV marketDesign agility accommodates a soaring market opportunityThe right solution, used the right wayProducts are right the first timeAficionados know American Specialty Cars (ASC) ...

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    Keeping the machines running


    Fastems has worked with Doesburg Components of the Netherlands to become more productive while remaining competitive with companies which have shifted production to the EastBuilding for the futureQuality recognitionThe art of flexibilityFilling the gaps in the labour forceWhat does a heavy truck parts supplier to do when its competitors are ...

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    Auto wheel mounting and rotor-rooting


    A vision system assists in automated wheel fitting, solving one of the toughest final assembly challenges. Ever tried lifting 35-pound castings on to a machining line for a whole shift? Nor have the operators at TRW Automotive, because it has systems in place to do thisHow the camera system worksAdditional ...

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    Turning up the WiC


    BERU F1 is working in harness with carmakers to protect and package wiring solutions for today’s more sophisticated vehicles.Reliable protectionVersatilitySignificant advances in the materials used in wiring harnesses offer the automotive industry opportunities to enhance the packaging, weight and functionality by combining composites and loom into a single component.Today’s automotive ...

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    From function blocks to engine blocks


    Schneider Electric has developed digital function blocks that allow cost efficiency and application support for major Tier One suppliersReady for reuseProgramming project bookAs Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) programmers know well, there are two schools of thought on how you program them. There’s the North American “ladder logic” camp, and the ...

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    Spin doctors among the Tiers


    Major OEMs are turning to the expertise of established Tier One machine makers to meet time critical lathing needsRobot helpSafety and qualityLathe componentsGrinding problemsWinning back workBusiness boostSupplier performanceTapping on-lineBanishing burrsWhile OEMs carry out a lot of their machining in-house, there is still a huge amount that is handed out to ...

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    The pressures of the press line


    Consolidation in the pressing business, both in terms of process steps and suppliers, is seeing the development of smarter applications in body-in-white and door assembly. AMS looks at Stadco and its subassembly supply.Turning JapaneseCost and innovationLocation, location, locationStrength means complexityQuality through consolidationBumper businessThere are several trends that most Tier One ...