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    Sustainability: Fossil-free steel


    As vehicle makers set ambitious targets to reduce their carbon footprint in production operations, experts from steel producer SSAB share some insights into how the company has responded to this important requirement with the development of fossil-free steel

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    Stronger, lighter – creating a tailored steel grade


    SSAB and Gestamp collaborated to developed a new chassis grade steel for lightweight suspension parts

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    Creating sustainable steel – AMS Expert Interview with SSAB


    In this podcast steel producer SSAB discusses how it is targeting fossil free production as the drive for sustainable materials in automotive applications gathers pace

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    SSAB says making climate-neutral vehicles has already begun


    Decarbonizing the entire automotive supply chain seems like a daunting challenge, but it has already begun. SSAB offers some insights into some successful projects using fossil-free steel

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    Heavy-duty lightweighting


    The heavy-duty, commercial vehicle sector faces the same challenges in terms of reducing its environmental footprint and is similarly developing alternative fuel vehicles. SSAB discusses how truck OEMs can leverage the car maker’s lightweighting lessons

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    Fossil Free Steel


    The sustainability of the supply chain is a high priority for car makers and tier suppliers. To find out how this is impacting materials suppliers AMS spoke with two experts from SSAB, Thomas Hörnfeldt, vice president for sustainable business and Robert Ström, senior design expert at the company’s Knowledge Service Centre.

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    Fossil-free steel, already in 2026


    Sometime after 2025, the first car featuring steel components will be produced via a fossil-free production process. What automakers and Tier 1 suppliers need to know now

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    SSAB: Design concept – Battery pack protection for EV body-in-white


    Protecting battery packs is the fundamental first step when designing the body-in-white for BEVs. We talk to SSAB’s Robert Ström about the Docol EV Design Concept and platforms for new AHSS solutions


    Steel stays the distance


    SSAB’s Thomas Müller explains how new high-strength and ultra-high-strength steels can assist OEMs in cost-effectively improving the range of electric vehicles

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    Design for life


    As governments set higher requirements on CO2 emissions, fuel economy and production, Docol advanced high-strength steel is helping auto designers to maximise their designs Future-proofing can be explained as the systematic anticipation of the future, and the design of business processes that can adapt to those anticipated changes. As a ...

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    Drive for efficiency


    How can tier suppliers deliver a fast and efficient project? According to SSAB a close partnership with a material supplier and early involvement is the key to success Today, the competition in the automotive industry is driving the need for efficiency more than ever. As a result, OEMs are ...

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    Advancing automotive with AHSS


    SSAB explains how advanced high-strength steels address fundamental issues in a dynamic North American market, often at significant cost savings The North American car and truck market is undergoing change at a pace not seen since General Motors declared bankruptcy in 2009. In spite of rising transaction prices and higher ...

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    Steel can make a difference


    New, innovative advanced high-strength steel grades are being developed to help the automotive industry create vehicle structures for the electric age One common contention in the rapid growth of the electric vehicle is the range they can be driven between recharges. Whereas one important question, of course, is how ...

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    What can steel do for chassis?


    With high-tensile strength and an optimised microstructure, advanced high-strength steel grades can offer many advantages for chassis components Many factors are dictating the future of OEMs developing chassis components. Consumer trends, regulations and advancements in manufacturing technology are just a few of them. Developments in materials is another. ...

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    There’s a Plan B but not Planet B


    For the full picture on CO2 emissions, we need to assess the vehicle lifecycle. SSAB’s Jonas Adolfsson explains how tier suppliers can help to make significant reductions at the manufacturing stage Jonas Adolfsson, working with business development at SSAB Carbon dioxide is a ...

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    Shining example


    As China seeks to lead the electric vehicle revolution, lighter body materials and energy efficient forming processes can further enhance an OEMs green credentials Since 2012, concerns about worsening air pollution in China has led its government to enact a series of new laws and business action plans to ...

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    A world of possibilities


    Advanced high-strength steel offers advantages for cost and sustainability in automotive manufacturing Looking into the future of automotive manufacturing, some challenges are clear. Vehicle weight, environmental impact and the number of injuries due to accidents must all be reduced, yet costs cannot be allowed to rise. Advanced high-strength steel ...

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    - 冷却下来


    冷成型技术正在汽车业里经历复苏的历程,而且这个趋势似乎还在继续 — 那该技术的优势在哪里呢?今天,一些汽车制造商在汽车制造商大量使用热成型钢,但是有些汽车公司却专门以来冷成型生产方法。使用冷成型技术的一个原因是,越来越多的公司意识到,热成型公司成本高昂,而且在可持续性方面并不乐观。多年来,热成型钢在汽车业很受青睐,因为冷成型材料钢的性能不佳。时代在变迁,更多的冷成型钢被开发出来,而且能够承受高强度和现代汽车应用所需要的几何结构要求。随着这些钢变得普遍,冷成型趋势不断明显。这些公司在了解如何设计冷成型技术进行应用之后,自然就有了竞争成本优势了。阅读全文[英文]

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    Conformação a frio está experimentando um ressurgimento na indústria automotiva e é uma tendência que é provável que continue - Então quais são as vantagens?Hoje, alguns fabricantes de automóveis estão usando uma quantidade elevada de aços de conformação a quente em seus veículos, enquanto outras empresas automotivas estão confiando quase ...

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    Cool it


    Cold forming is experiencing a resurgence in the automotive industry and it is a trend that is likely to continue — so what are the advantages? Today, some car manufacturers are using a high amount of hot forming steels in their vehicles, while other automotive companies are almost exclusively ...