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    Making gains at Genk


    At Ford of Europe’s flagship facility in Belgium investment in flexible production and supply has made the plant one of the company’s most successful operationsTeam workCornerstone of productionStamping and constructionError-proofing and testingPaint shop perfectionThree-step assemblyFord of Europe has increased the production and process capacity at its seven vehicle assembly plants ...

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    As the wheel turns for Ford


    Globalisation takes on a new dimension as Ford rationalises its platform strategy with baseplates from around the world, as international executive Bill Osborne explainsCompetitiveness is still a major goalConsolidations and restructuringProfitable product kept on the roadA global focus on the futureSeptember 5 marked a full year since the Ford Motor ...

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    Seamless integration at Jaguar


    When Jaguar closed down its Browns Lane facility in the UK recently, it had the daunting task of moving final assembly of its XK model to the nearby Castle Bromwich plant. It called on conveyor supplier Dürr to help solve the problem.Process of assembly has been improvedSuccesses to dateThe closure ...

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    Trucking’s new titans


    China’s commercial vehicle market is keeping pace with the boom but don’t expect to see Chinese trucks in the West. Meanwhile, a robust economy and keen interest in Indian vehicles is driving sales for the country’s commercial vehicle makersOverloaded roadsTechnology transferBrand loyaltyExport marketsWith all those outbound container ships laden with ...

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    Grand range of parts at Crewe


    While a Bentley may be something more than the sum total of its parts, making sure those parts are engineered, regardless of model year, to the company’s exceptional standards is a priority for continued prestigeWhat’s in a nameParts and parcelsPrice and ApplicationKey to the pastBuried deep within the bowels of ...

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    Desmo dangers solved


    Ducati’s famed Desmodromic valve system allows its engines to reach tremendous speeds but demands absolute precision in machining and assembly Taking controlEye for detailDucati has realised that the machining of valuable components for its Desmodromic engines must be carefully controlled. Different tools are used hundreds of thousands of times during ...

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    Qashqai on delivery


    Nissan has ensured a high standard in the launch of its Qashqai model with the use of manufacturing execution software from factory information expert Lighthouse SystemsPre-production trialsSystems for new model introductionsFlow of informationSupporting the life cycleNissan is renowned for its innovative designs and they reflect the spirit of the organisation. ...

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    Putting the VVA-voom into Lotus cars


    Lotus is renowned for its innovative chassis technology, and its flexible vehicle architecture uses leading developments in casting to enter new segments Light weight, but super fastVVA is a fast-to-market technologyA wide range of solutions for manufacturersSize of castings proved to be a challengeCastings match components wellAt the 75th Geneva ...

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    With powertrain comes responsibility


    When it comes to the latest progress in hybrid technology at Mercedes-Benz, Dr Thomas Weber is the man with his finger on the pulseDaimlerChrysler (as was) has been at the forefront of alternative powertrain vehicles for over a decade – the pioneers of the high-speed passenger car diesel engine have ...

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    Big Three must adapt or die


    Analysts have warned that the Big Three vehicle makers have to examine and adapt their business models, or risk losing even greater market share to non-American OEMsNew business model is necessaryGetting the best out of suppliersWhat the unions really wantNew products may help regain market shareThe Big Three still lag ...

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    Culture club delivers


    With the launch of the new Freelander, Ford’s Halewood plant has come back from the brink of disaster to become one of best examples of quality manufacturing the company hasChange for the betterGateway ProcessMeeting deadlinesQuality supplyBenchmark pressingEfficient weldingPaint flowTrim and final assemblyIn 1990 it was the subject of a $1 ...

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    Maximum overdrive for MINI


    BMW’s Plant Oxford is a benchmark for getting the most out of what you’ve got. AMS reports on a prosperous production strategy for the MINIGlobal successCustomer-driven complexityTime managementBrand buoyancyRestructuring at OxfordIn a rare example of consensus, the automotive industry seems to have decided that the global economy is a good ...

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    Cross-breeding the brand in Kentucky


    Toyota’s popular Camry now comes in a hybrid version thanks to innovations and investment in the assembly line at Georgetown, Kentucky. AMS looks at how the manufacturing process has been modified to accommodate the new, cleaner model.Smooth transitionDesigned with visionMinor changesSimplified assemblyBypass processesToyota teamIncreasing hybrid ratiosProduct levellingToyota celebrated the production ...

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    Northern lights


    Volvo’s new C70 convertible is a stronger car thanks to the application of four new welding techniques. Niclas Palmquist, Manufacturing Engineering, Volvo Cars, describes how the Swedish company has surpassed its standardImproved body featuresLaser station from PermanovaA pillar accessWhen Volvo Cars set out to develop the new C70 convertible the ...

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    Knock down construction


    BMW has pulled apart its Spartanburg plant in the US in order to convert it to a one-line flexible assembly system. New demands are defining the OEM's manufacturing infrastructureFlexible footstepsExpansion plansRobot buildTime constraintsNew process efficiencyMinutes after the last BMW Z4 rolled off the line at the carmaker’s Spartanburg, South Carolina ...

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    Welcome to the House of Flex


    Gary Cowger, Group Vice President for Global Manufacturing and Labour Relations at General Motors discusses the carmaker’s “avowed aim” of manufacturing flexibility using its Global Manufacturing System“House of Flex”Making flex work: a global initiativeMoving east in Europe and beyondCowger’s views on technologyAGV applicationsShifting biasWhile flexibility is a much-used term that ...

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    An ongoing legacy at Ascari


    Like increasing numbers of smaller and specialist engineering companies, supercar manufacturer Ascari Cars turned to Dassault Systemes CATIA V5 for high performance engineering and a scaleable PLM solution for the future.Full-scale supportAscari is an exclusive carmaker that builds high performance cars in low volumes. It will only ever make 50 ...

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    Root and branch reform at Renault


    Renault has implemented a new customer-focused strategy that makes quality the centrepiece of the company’s manufacturing system. AMS looks at the initiative and talks to senior VP for quality, Yann Vincent, about its effect on productivityQuality processesPalencia initiativesSupplier qualityCustomer quality managementThere is not an automotive manufacturer that does not put ...