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    At the ready at Vauxhall


    Putting people firstGlobal Compact VehicleCutting the fatGreen can mean good businessSomething old, something newDespite tough economic conditions in Europe, Vauxhall’s Ellesmere Port plant is prepared to face the future head on, as plant director Tom Schmidt, explainsThe first car produced by Vauxhall, in 1903, was a 5bhp (4kW) model that ...

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    The Indian juggernaut


    Mercedes-Benz – the road to full manufacturingBMW looks to local marketsGM launches second plant in TalegaonFord undertakes powertrain expansionMahindra & Mahindra goes globalBajaj Auto’s new-age philosophyAs carmakers and suppliers around the world re-assess their position in the global market and adjust to economic uncertainty, India’s key automotive players have plans ...

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    Stuck on you


    How the process worksA new development from 3M is claimed to revolutionise paint detail on vehicles with its design possibilitiesAnew concept in vehicle enhancement solutions has been introduced by 3M, which will improve the appearance and appeal of vehicles. The concept offers unlimited design possibilities to OEM designers and stylists ...

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    Pigs in the paint shop


    VarioBell at Rehau Robots on the inside Plastic component supplier Rehau and BMW have both benefited from the latest paint line technology supplied by Eisenmann. And it’s based on a pigging system that enables rapid paint changes with little loss Surface finishing is one of ...

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    Flexible friend at Magna Steyr


    Lowering plant emissionsA complete solutionMatching market conditionsThe Chrysler assembly lineGlass applicationExperienced production line teamsCovering all the basesWhat is it about Magna Steyr that convinces OEMs to come to you to build their cars? Gerhard Stiegler, Vice-President of Operations does not hesitate with his answer. “Our flexibility, our range of services ...

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    Making a clean job of car coating


    Efficient coatingOstrich feathersPowder coat expertiseRust never sleepsBMW’s Leipzig plant employs up-to date paint shop technology to ensure each car finishes up to the highest standard and does so with minimal environmental impactNowhere is this more obvious than in the paint shop, which backs modern processes with the latest environmental credentials, ...

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    Making the best of India


    Turning Tata aroundNew challengesGlobal reachWhat India lacks in infrastructure it makes up for in engineering talent and resourceful enthusiasm. In this first of two reports on the region, AMS looks at Tata Motors and talks to Eric Vas about the manufacturing challenges of this rapidly growing marketAs one drives through ...

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    Building the perfect Bentley


    Building the Bentley Production SystemNew assembly linePenny for your thoughtsSetting the pacePull and feedQuality for tomorrowUK car production is a rare sight these days and it took a dramatic turn around in production processes to keep Bentley on British soil. AMS went to Crewe to talk to Senior Production Manager ...

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    In the Lotus position


    Federalising the carGlobal outsourcingSafety in handPreparing for productionFuel for thoughtThermal efficiencyBenefits of methanolHydrocarbon reactionMethanol futureWhile production at Lotus remains a traditional, hands-on affair, the company’s engineering division is looking at the potential of methanol as a renewable fuelPlay the association game with automotive terms and ‘handbuilt’ invariably ends up paired ...

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    Size me up, smart


    Daimler engineered the ‘smartville’ siteClose links to suppliersStop system on the line improves qualityAutomation is at about two per centIt’s all about qualityGetting smart statesideAs the only car still in production to feature in New York’s famous Museum of Modern Art, the smart has certainly succeeded in capturing attention. AMS ...

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    Chong succeeds as Vice President and General Manager for DuPont Automotive


    Wilmington, DL – DuPont has named BC Chong as Vice President and General Manager, DuPont Automotive OEM Coatings, succeeding Marty McQuade who plans to retire later this year following 31 years of service.William Weber, currently Global Business Director – Ethylene Copolymers in Packaging and Industrial Polymers, will succeed Chong as ...

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    Adding a bit of local colour at Toyota


    Localising TPSEuropean supplyLean productionOne model diversityPotential beyond YarisFocus on the localLevels of automationEnvironmental challengesDesign for the futureThe Toyota Production System is a global success thanks to its customisation on a local level, and nowhere is this more evident than at the company’s Valenciennes plant in France. AMS talks to TMMF ...

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    Navistar rising


    Vertical foundriesLeaving the transfer lineDistinguishing featuresCommonality and changeEnvironmental challengeQuality assurance stationsCompetitive cultureIn the face of emissions regulations, global competition and new materials, truckmaker Navistar is putting new manufacturing processes into effect. AMS talks to Vice President of Manufacturing Tom Horn about themTom Horn is the man responsible for the company’s ...

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    Brownfield is the new green


    Brownfield site makes economic senseWinding up the powerDoing the right thingIn the debate about brownfield versus green, Ford comes down clearly on the side of making new from old. The company’s efforts to revitalise its former Dagenham plant have the environment in mindIt is difficult to precisely recall when big ...

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    Knowledge is power at Scania


    Global standardAssembly in SodertaljeFoundry knowledgeClean machiningBuffers and flowsCrankshaft contrastReplacing old linesBlocks and headsConrod and linersBenchmarking from the beginningScania schoolingState-of-the-art assemblyScania’s reputation is built on global standards that have their roots in the exemplary Sodertalje facility in Sweden. AMS talks to Production Manager Eric Angquist about the importance of manufacturing know-howWith ...

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    Hinrichs wants a revolution in robotics


    Forefront of efficiencyCompetitive operatingPriorities for recoveryThe role of robotsQuality gainsPlanning and programmingParamount safetyRobot wish listJoe Hinrichs has got a wish list. He wants to see robots on the shopfloor that will revolutionise productivity and offer new levels of skilled automation and safety. AMS talks to him about the future of ...

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    Civic interest in Honda grows


    Both lines are running at full production“Overtime should be the exception, not the rule”Global platforms for new model introductionsWorking in tandem with suppliersThe success of Honda’s Civic and CR-V models has been nothing short of phenomenal, and production at its UK manufacturing facility has reached capacity 12 months ahead of ...

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    ‘Virtual human’ tool improves ergonomics


    Ergonomics is the hot topic of the day Possible postures are automatically displayed An ergonomically designed workstation makes work positions more comfortable for employees – and it pays dividends by increasing productivity. Volkswagen has implemented a virtual human software program at its Wolfsburg plant Ergonomics used ...

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    Law and order at Lexus


    Continuous improvement in KyushuQuality policeMiyata complexInnovations on the lineIts fight for the title of No. 1 global carmaker is putting pressure on the Toyota Production System, but if any incentive were needed for further improvements in quality, it can be found in the Miyata Lexus complex in KyushuThe Toyota Production ...

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    Vive la Renault différence!


    With flexibility and lean manufacturing in place, Renault is focusing on quality. In fact, it is obsessive about quality these days.IT drives quality and better ergonomicsSandouville – the key to qualityOperator and supplier involvementRenault’s new Laguna is aimed at one of Europe’s most competitive segments (upper-meduim or M2), fighting for ...