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    Automated fluid management


    High-pressure situationsThe daily grindWith virtually all machine shops scrutinising costs, ways to make coolants and cutting fluids go further have taken a much higher priority. One such method is automated filtration and recycling.The inherent nature of cutting metal using machine tools leads to the ingress of contaminants such as chips, ...

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    Fast solutions for hard materials


    Hard done byRF improvementsWith hardened parts increasingly being called on to provide the long service lives demanded by consumers, ways to improve the efficiency of hard turning and grinding processes are high on the agenda for many automotive manufacturing engineers. Auto components such as bearings, transmission gears, injector nozzles, shafts, ...

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    v5.75 of Plato system for hot engine testing


    Anthony Best Dynamics (ABD) has released version 5.75 of the company’s Plato system, an objective noise/vibration/harshness (NVH) measurement and analysis system for powertrain and power-steering testing. Designed for end-of-line, off-line audit, R&D and durability testing, through to in-vehicle and pass-by-noise measurement and analysis, Plato provides a wide range of NVH ...

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    Shaping the future


    Uddeholm – Böhler Uddeholm Deutschland, Hall 8, Stand F49FKM Sintertechnik, Hall 11, Stand D28Haas Automation, Hall 9, Stand D66Hexagon Metrology, Hall 8, Stand C85Industeel ArcelorMittal Group, Hall 8, Stand C22SSAB Tunplat, Hall 8, Stand D10Stratasys, Hall 11, Stand 29As centres of manufacturing technology appear around the world, advances in machining ...

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    New power delivery


    Mild hybridsA different takeBeyond series takeLimited resourcesAny vehicle that has two or more sources for its driving power can be referred to as a ‘hybrid’, but carmakers are employing three general hybrid types. A mild hybrid is a vehicle driven by an internal combustion engine (ICE) that may turn itself ...

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    Forging ahead to reduce waste


    Alcoa helps reduce the weightLife cycle assessmentCorrect tool selection builds efficiencySolving large part size issuesBuilding value into raw castsBlast finishing for complex castsOver 90% of manufacturers across all industries rely on metal castings or forgings for production of their engineered goods. Automotive industry castings are worth around $28 billion annually, ...

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    Tooling gets tough


    As the EMO tooling expo makes its biennial location switch from Germany to Italy, Julian Buckley looks at what buyers, exhibitors and attendees can expect at this year’s event.DMG, Hall 4, Stand TBASchenck, Hall and Stand TBAPrima Industrie, Hall 18, Stand C14/C16Hardinge Inc, Hall 6, Stand L13Haas Automation, Hall 4, ...

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    Hard act to follow


    Tools of the tradeTurning to hard turningInserts shape the futureWet or dry?Many automotive parts require hardening to provide the long service lives demanded by consumers. The challenge for manufacturing engineers is how to finish-machine such parts to final geometric form after hardening. Until recently, grinding has prevailed as the most ...

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    AMS 10th Anniversary: Machining


    Improving the qualityUnder pressureEasy to alterThe machine tool industry has traditionally been the provider of dedicated lines (transfer and special machine tools) to handle the five ‘Cs’: cylinder blocks; cylinder heads; crankshafts; camshafts; and connecting rods.But these lines needed more flexibility if parts producers were not to be left with ...

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    Plus and minus for hybrids


    How carmakers and their partner companies are advancing towards the goal of bringing electric, hybrid-electric and other alternative powertrains to marketRecharging Michigan’s battered economyThe Renault-Nissan Alliance’s electric car infrastructure projectPowering the Chevrolet VoltLi-Ion fires, short battery life and other challengesToshiba – electric vehicle power on four or two wheelsConnecting tyres ...

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    Innovation in induction


    Engineers are using technology rather than displacement to achieve required levels of engine performance, and the changing designs have affected unit productionGrowth potential remains positiveComplex technologies to achieve complex goalsEngine management and monitoring capabilitiesResurgent superchargingPackaging issues are crucialThe future of forced inductionSo is there no substitute for cubic inches? With ...

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    Going with the mold


    EuroMold, the world’s leading trade fair and exhibition for mould-making and tooling, and their design and application development, takes place at the Exhibition Centre in Frankfurt am Main from December 3-6, 2008.It’s hard to think of a trade fair that’s more important to its industry sector than EuroMold. It has ...

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    The demands of machining


    Investment saves money in the long runForging flexible machiningThe cost of flexibilityIt’s a grind for crankshaftsLinear drive technologyYou’re only as good as the last great production run you had, and in an increasingly competitive market, having the right machines and processes to do the right job is criticalWith its reputation ...

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    Living in a material world


    Lightweight end of lifeReinventing traditional materialsTime for magnesiumAdvances in steelPlastic potentialAerospace and automotive convergenceHybrid vehiclesEnd-user benefitDevelopments in alternative materials are driving change in the drivetrain and bringing benefits to an industry trying to reduce emissions and improve performance Talk to anyone involved in the automotive supply chain and chances are ...

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    Grinding down the expenses


    Competitiveness is keyThe rise of CGIVersatility in productionEliminating filtration problemsCutting down machining timeSaving pays for new investmentThe process of reducing weightIn the ultra-competitive machining sector, the investment levels required to meet cost and quality demands are not for the faint-heartedThe automotive supply chain is investing heavily to retain and attract ...

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    Wired into automation


    This year’s METAV show will take place from March 31-April 4. The trade fair is the largest international technology showcase in Germany and features the latest in manufacturing technology and automationThe 2008 edition of the METAV show should be very attractive for both visitors and exhibitors, as it coincides with ...

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    Flowing lines from Castrol


    Castrol’s real-time fluid monitoring system provides improved metalworking while cutting both waste and cost. Michael Dennison reports on how the company is helping carmakers control their fluid systemsReal-time fluid monitoringBiological benefitEnvironmental and health benefitsThe increasing pressure on carmakers to reduce their environmental impact makes today’s manufacturing world more complex than ...

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    A new design on production


    At the Frankfurt Motor Show in September, Renault proudly showed its latest-generation D-segment car, the Laguna III. AMS caught up with Jean-Louis Ricaud, Executive Vice President, Quality and Engineering (Vehicle and Powertrain) to learn how design for manufacturing is being implemented at the Sandouville plantAMS: As a member of the ...

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    Molding the future


    The world’s window on mouldmaking and tooling, design, and application development – EuroMold – is expected to attract 60,000 visitors to the Exhibition Centre in Frankfurt from December 5-8, 2007. Here AMS previews some of the products that will be on showEuroMold’s enduring success can be attributed in part to ...

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    Licensed to drill


    TornosMAG Industrial Automation SystemsAsahi Diamond Industrial EuropeAutodeskBeckhoff AutomationBystronic LaserCGTech DeutschlandDMG GebrauchtmaschinenEMAG Salach MaschinenfabrikIEMCA Division of IGMI SPAGibbs and AssociatesKOMET GROUPMikron Tool SA AgnoMitutoyo CorporationPrima IndustrieRenishawJ SchmalzSchaefflerSchunkStratasysCarl Zeiss Industrielle MeßtechnikThe EMO manufacturing equipment trade show takes place in Hannover, Germany from 17-22 September 2007. As a follow-on from the preview in ...