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    Joining forces for lighter components


    Metal moulding is shaping up to bring the automotive industry a range of savings thanks to a partnership between Husky Injection Molding and the USCAR research group. AMS looks at benefits of ultra-large magnesium castings Metal injection USCAR project Shape of casts to come When you think of injection moulding ...

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    Keeping the machines running


    Fastems has worked with Doesburg Components of the Netherlands to become more productive while remaining competitive with companies which have shifted production to the East Building for the future Quality recognition The art of flexibility Filling the gaps in the labour force What does a heavy truck parts supplier to ...

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    Auto wheel mounting and rotor-rooting


    A vision system assists in automated wheel fitting, solving one of the toughest final assembly challenges. Ever tried lifting 35-pound castings on to a machining line for a whole shift? Nor have the operators at TRW Automotive, because it has systems in place to do this How the camera system ...

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    The race for better metals


    Motorsport engines demand higher performance and that means the manufacture of very pure metals. It’s an area of intense competition and innovation, as Nigel Eames of MCT explains Purer steel Material research One of the most gruelling automotive environments for metals is that found in a motorsport engine, where reliability ...

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    Desmo dangers solved


    Ducati’s famed Desmodromic valve system allows its engines to reach tremendous speeds but demands absolute precision in machining and assembly Taking control Eye for detail Ducati has realised that the machining of valuable components for its Desmodromic engines must be carefully controlled. Different tools are used hundreds of thousands of ...

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    Getting the right mix


    Thanks to Quaker Chemical’s detection of shortfalls in its emulsion and deburring activity, one German truckmaker was able to ensure more reliable transmission manufacturing while also lowering maintenance costs Performance indicators Improving the emulsion When a large German car and truck subcontractor encountered several problems with the manufacturing of its ...

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    Schalow is the new head of DaimlerChrysler plant in Hamburg-Harburg


    Hamburg, Germany – Werner Schalow has been appointed the new head of the DaimlerChrysler plant in Hamburg-Harburg, effective July 1st, 2007. He succeeds Dr Jürgen Böhm, who retired on June 30th after 27 years of service. Schalow has held various specialist and management positions at the Hamburg plant, most ...

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    Cutting down on cycle time


    Sandvik Coromant has provided Triumph Motorcycles with tooling and milling recommendations that have cut the company’s production time by hundreds of hours and improved coated insert grades Identifying areas for improvement Cycle times at Triumph Close relationship European automotive manufacturers operate in a highly competitive, cost conscious, global market where ...

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    GM’s Euro laser lines


    GM has been honing its machining applications in Hungary for engine supply across Europe. AMS talks to Plant Manager Andor Paizer about his facility Established by General Motors in 1990, GM’s Szentgotthard plant in Hungary produces the 16-valve Ecotec engines (1.6L and 1.8L) for the passenger car segment, as well ...

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    Scrapping the waste


    Machining techniques and different configurations can assist in eliminating waste and improving efficiency in production Scrapping the waste Improving efficiency Moving between the lines Recycling the cutting fluid Increased tool life increases OEE The Nissan Decherd powertrain assembly plant, some 128 kilometres south of Nashville, Tennessee, has the capacity to ...

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    Spin doctors among the Tiers


    Major OEMs are turning to the expertise of established Tier One machine makers to meet time critical lathing needs Robot help Safety and quality Lathe components Grinding problems Winning back work Business boost Supplier performance Tapping on-line Banishing burrs While OEMs carry out a lot of their machining in-house, there ...

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    With powertrain comes responsibility


    When it comes to the latest progress in hybrid technology at Mercedes-Benz, Dr Thomas Weber is the man with his finger on the pulse DaimlerChrysler (as was) has been at the forefront of alternative powertrain vehicles for over a decade – the pioneers of the high-speed passenger car diesel engine ...

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    The world of metalworking


    EMO, the metalworking equipment tradeshow, runs from 17-22 September 2007 at the Hannover Fairgrounds in Germany Cross Hüller Danobat Group EMAG Tornos Gurutzpe Hexagon Metrology Kabelschlepp Leica Geosystems Mori Seiki Müller Weingarten AB Ph Nederman & Co Pryor Marking Technology Schenck RoTec Auswucht und Diagnosetechnik Siemens Automatisierungs- und Antriebstechni StarragHeckert ...

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    EuroMold 2006 makes the right impression


    The 13th World Fair for Moldmaking and Tooling, Design and Application Development, which took place at the end of last year in Germany, represented the entire production cycle from design to prototyping to series production CGTech D-M-E Europe C.V.B.A. Delcam plc EOS Electro Optical Systems Fanuc Europe Service Fritz Studer ...

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    Marry is the new Managing Director at Modine


    Racine, WI. – Tom Marry is the new Managing Director, Powertrain Cooling Products Group at Modine Manufacturing Company. He was previously General Manager of the North American Truck Division. Marry has been with Modine for eight years, holding the positions of Director of Engine Products Group, Manager of Sales, ...