This year’s METAV show will take place from March 31-April 4. The trade fair is the largest international technology showcase in Germany and features the latest in manufacturing technology and automation

The 2008 edition of the METAV show should be very attractive for both visitors and exhibitors, as it coincides with the prominent international exhibitions WIRE, the International Wire and Cable Trade Fair, and TUBE, the International Pipe and Tube Trade Fair.  METAV will feature the complete range of manufacturing technology, with special emphasis on machine tools, manufacturing systems, precision tools, automated material flow, computer technology, industrial electronics, and parts and accessories.

Carl Zeiss Industrielle Messtechnik
Hall 4, Stand E06

Carl Zeiss Industrielle Messtechnik will be showcasing its recent developments in several machines, which can, in different ways, measure even the smallest components with great precision. The measuring machines “O-Inspect” and “F25” are both equipped with a flexible multi-sensor system, which can take optical and tactile measurements with a single system and only one setting. While the O-Inspect covers the micrometre range, the F25 works in the miniature world of the nanometre (millionth of a millimetre). In terms of precision, the device is world-class. In addition, the probe is extremely sensitive, working with minimal probe forces to get reproducible measurement results from microsystem parts that are not even visible.

Demag Cranes & Components
Hall 3, Stand B72

Demag Cranes & Components will be presenting a broad overview of materials handling solutions and ergonomic load handling systems. The focus of the trade fair exhibits will be on the footmounted variant of the DR rope hoist range. This standalone solution can be employed virtually anywhere. The combination of four mounting positions with various rope lead-off arrangements makes it possible to implement tailored solutions beyond the scope of crane applications. With its compact design, a load capacity range in the small series of between 3.2 and 12.5 tonnes and rope lengths of up to 20 m, the FDR foot hoist offers tailored solutions to meet a wide range of customer requirements. The large DR series completes the load capacity range up to 50 tonnes as a series hoist unit.

Kennametal Deutschland
Hall 4, Stand D34

Kennametal will be featuring three developments in milling cutters: the Kennametal Z-axis plunge mill offering maximum metal-removal rates in plunge milling; a solidcarbide end mill Harvi II, which reduces chatter when machining stainless steels, titanium and heat-resistant alloys; solid carbide milling cutters for machining hardened steels up to 67 HRc. Kennametal’s Z-axis plunge mill provides maximum metal-removal rates with its novel, optimised chip evacuation. The tool eliminates vibration and improves metal removal rates in roughing applications. The Z-axis plunge mill has nine integrated coolant nozzles allowing the coolant flow to be optimised per application.

MAG Industrial Automation Systems
Hall 15, Stand C35

MAG Industrial Automation Systems will be exhibiting many MAG brands. With its new division Infimatic, MAG is entering the control system business. Another important innovation on the stand will be the service concept of the new European arm of MAG Maintenance Technologies.

MAG will be demonstrating technology breakthroughs in both metal cutting and composite processing. MAG Giddings & Lewis horizontal boring mills, MAG Powertrain XK cold forming machine, NDM turning/milling machine with B-axis from MAG +FMS+, and the new NBH-models from MAG Hüller Hille will be on display.

Metris Deutschland
Hall 4, Stand A03

Metris will be showing selections from its range of metrology solutions which include coordinate measuring machines (CMMs), optical CMMs, 3D laser scanners, laser radar, iGPS systems and metrology software for 3D inspection and reverse engineering. Metris systems are employed in aerospace, automotive and other engineering industries. Metris will also be showing its recently launched 7-axis MCA (manual coordinate measuring arm) for accurate and full freedom laser scanning.

Sandvik Geschäftsbereich Coromant
Hall 3, Stand D24

Productivity is the theme of the Sandvik Coromant exhibit at METAV 2008. All the products on display focus on making production development more efficient. The centre of the presentation will be the new generation for turning and milling tools. There will be extensive multi-media presentations on the topics of new cutting, or multi-tasking hole making, demonstrating the extent to which the right tool can contribute to the optimisation of production. Specific case studies will show how the benefits of the innovative new tooling features can be exploited to increase productivity and production efficiency.

Among the innovations on display will be the tool concept CoroMill 365 for face milling of cast iron. CoroMill 365 is targeted at roughing mills and pre-optimised for use in cases where high cutting rates in the shortest time are required. Wiper inserts for semi-finishing to finishing, available in several new insert generation grades for cast iron and steel milling applications.

Shell Macron Shell Metalworking
Hall 1, Stand C17

Shell Metalworking is a team of metalworking fluids experts within Shell Lubricants. At METAV 2008 the company will be demonstrating its water miscible fluids for cutting and grinding operations; quenching oils and fluids for heat treatment of steel; neat oils for cutting and grinding operations; rolling oils and other steel production fluids; forging oils and fluids from light-duty hot stamping to heavy-duty hot forging; industrial cleaners for intermediate and final cleaning operations.

Tornos Moutier
Hall 17, Stand A51

Swiss manufacturer Tornos will be showcasing its new DECO 13e single-spindle lathe. It is a new and cost-effective addition to the Tornos product range that is aimed at all operators of automatic lathes seeking high-performance solutions to meet more exacting standards. The new machine is a development of the DECO 13a lathe renowned as the high-performance turning capabilities. In addition to the facilities of the DECO 13a the new machine has a 4th independent tool system. The 8 linear working axes distributed across the other 3 tool systems offer excellent scope for bar-turning work and for counter-operations. It also permits the same level of simultaneous machining operation at the front and back of the workpieces. It will be possible to transfer programs between both versions of the DECO 13 and all equipment, tools and other accessories are suitable for adaptation to the new machine.

Hall 5, Stand J35

The thick section welding of steel using the TruLaser Cell 3010 and the precision welding of stainless steel tubes (TruLaser Station 5010) are only a small part of the Trumpf Laser application range on display at METAV 2008. Other applications include the robotic welding of automotive body components (TruLaser Robot 5020) and the cutting of diverse metals of varying thicknesses (TruLaser 5030). TRUMPF will also offer system solutions for engraving and marking of the most diverse materials, and machines representing these applications from the TruMark series will be exhibited, as will 2D and 3D laser systems. TRUMPF’s Lasernetwork will also be demonstrated, which helps to distribute the output of the new TruDisk 8002 to both the TruLaser Robot 5020 and the TruLaser Cell 3010.