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  • PSA overview

    A future European giant?


    New models and increased market share: Ian Henry reports on PSA’s improving fortunes under Carlos Tavares’ leadership

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    Volando libre


    Suzuki se ha mantenido al margen de las grandes asociaciones de empresas a pesar de depender cada vez más de los mercados fuera de Japón

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  • HB_Leah by engine copy

    Gestionando la complejidad


    AMS entrevista a Leah Bruce, directora gerente de producción de motores diesel en Ford, para conocer los planes de la empresa sobre la producción de motores diesel

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    A cut above the rest


    A new digital approach to leather cutting is establishing greater levels of equipment reliability and material throughput making it a more viable option for the volume production of car interior elements

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    Joining forces


    Complex parts, precision fits, no margin for error; it’s no wonder automation is such a vital ingredient of successful powertrain assembly lines

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    An order for progress


    After the dips in demand of recent years, car makers in Brazil and Argentina anticipate an upturn in market fortunes and a boost in vehicle production

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    Lands of opportunity


    The strong growth in production seen in Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Romania and Slovakia means eastern Europe is still a big attraction for OEMs

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    Workforce of the future


    Brian Fortney, global business lead, Workforce and Training Services, at Rockwell Automation tells AMS how automotive companies can prepare for a digitally connected era – and the arrival of the millennial generationJoanne Perry (JP): Can you explain what OEMs normally ask Rockwell to do as a training provider?Brian Fortney (BF): ...

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    Layer upon layer


    Researchers at Ford Dearborn are keen to see additive manufacturing move on from its prototyping origins and into the mainstream volume production process

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    Korea: A question of cost


    The country’s automotive industry is once again fighting its recurring battle with the unions as it struggles to balance workers’ wage demands with the need to cap costs in an expensive country to build carsUnions have forced a series of stoppages this year at Korea’s biggest carmaker, Hyundai Motor, to ...

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    Aluminium with form


    New forming processes will further unlock the potential of aluminium as lightweight material for automotive structures

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    Putting in a shift


    OEMs are keeping options open on transmission supply. Many are moving from an established in-house option and increasingly looking to source externally

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    Small motors, big potential


    An innovative electric drive, which promises significant savings in space and weight for off-road vehicle applications, could be on the market before too long

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    Toyota aims for top slot


    Toyota is by some distance the largest Japanese vehicle company but on the global stage it is engaged in a battle for primacy, alongside GM and the VW Group

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    Real recycling


    An innovative, closed-loop, aluminium recycling project for series vehicle production continues to develop

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    Creating kerb appeal


    Optare build bespoke buses, but the firm faces similar challenges to high volume car manufacturers

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    The plan for Japan


    In the face of a strengthening yen and falling home sales, Japan is battling to keep its internationally admired vehicle production network relevant and cost-effective

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    Heading in all directions


    While Mercedes has invested in and modernised its domestic plants, it is outside Germany where the most significant expansion of production has taken place

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    A call for Quality


    GM India plans to focus its production at Talegaon as they increase output and add new models

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