The new Metrotom 800 tomograph was specifi cally developed for 3D measurements and structural inspections of complex parts made of plastic, composite materials and ceramic. With the help of ‘metrotomography’ – the combination of metrology and tomography – this measuring system enables both the dimensional measurement of the geometry and the inspection of the interior structure of parts up to 150 millimeters.

Enclosed in a polymer concrete enclosure (largely avoiding the use of lead in the shielding) the Metrotom 800 uses x-rays to generate clear part images measuring approximately three megapixels. Combining Carl Zeiss’ precise kinematics and innovative calibration procedures, Metrotom 800 achieves a measuring accuracy of 4.5 μm + L/100.

Using Metrotom 800, parts with difficult-to-reach structures can be quickly and easily measured non-destructively. Further, injection-molding or die-casting toolmakers can reduce the number of corrections during development, using part deviations to optimize the tool form.