Uddeholm’s powder compacting steels can increase the lifespan of tools, often lasting twice as long as tools made of conventional materials. In combination they offer superior results in the tooling process.

Uddeholm’s four recommended tool steels for powder compacting offer solve all the common tooling problems including galling, adhesive wear, abrasive wear, chipping and cracking. Furthermore, these steels are all easy to heat treat and maintain good dimensional stability.

Award-winning Uddeholm Vancron 40 (2007 EPMA Award of Merit) has an integrated surface coating that includes nitrogen to vastly reduce friction. This means that you do not need to coat any Uddeholm Vancron 40 tool to avoid galling or adhesive wear problems. Uddeholm steels for powder compacting also include:

  • Uddeholm Vanadis 4 Extra – with excellent chipping resistance and good wear for longer tool life, reduced stoppages and improved your total production economy
  • Uddeholm Caldie – offering extremely high toughness – an ideal choice when cracking occurs
  • Uddeholm Weartec SF – replaces cemented carbide in certain applications which means less cost an no diffi culty in machining cemented carbide.

For more information, contact: Uddeholm Tooling AB, Communication Manager Boo Rundqvist, +46 563 17124, +46 70 20 60 368.