Airpot Corporation has introduced a range of fi lter/regulator (FFR) products designed specifically for use with its low-friction line of Airpel air cylinders and Airpel –AB air-bearing controlled actuators. Airpot FFR systems offers engineers, designers and manufacturing professionals the precise control, optimal air quality and properly sized components needed to get the most from Airpot’s unique anti-stiction and low friction technology.

All Airpot FFR systems are composed of a lightweight aluminum/ resin hybrid material, 50% lighter than traditional systems, built into a compact and modular 40mm x 40mm envelope per component (compact series). A simple two-fastener attachment bracket system allows easy upgrade, maintenance and rearrangement of the modules.

Standard and Precision series (with increased low-pressure sensitivity) regulators are available; all with hand adjustability and single push lock operation. The Precision series offers a pressure range of 0.005 to 0.4 MPa and sensitivity within 0.1% of the full scale. Port connections are available with NPT or G metric threads. Each system is equipped with dual fi ltration modules that remove particles, dust, oil, moisture and mist down to 0.01 micron.