One of the largest exhibition stands at EMO 2007 was occupied by the Yamazaki Mazak Corporation, which had 22 CNC machine tools on display, including those built in Japan, the UK and the USA. These included multitasking mill-turn machines, machining centres and other types.

In introducing its latest CNC machine tools, Yamazaki Mazak highlighted ‘intelligent machines’ offering greater functionality and higher productivity.

Multi-tasking machines such as the Integrex i-150, with a maximum machining diameter of 585mm, a bar capacity of 65mm, a 5000 rev/min main spindle and a 12,000 rev/min milling spindle, the Integrex i-150 offers effi cient multi-tasking of small, complex, components.

The Integrex 200-IV is a powerful multi-tasking machine tool with incomparable machining fl exibility. The machine on display was equipped with upper and lower turrets that allow balanced cutting to reduce cycle times.

The larger Integrex 400-IV S features 2.5m Z-axis travel and a maximum machining diameter of 760mm, making it the ideal machine tool for large, complex, components.