Carl Zeiss 3D Metrology Services has teamed up with fellow German company eXXcellent Solutions to implement a πWeb quality data management system at DaimlerChrysler’s factory in Sindelfingen, Germany.

Web enables users to analyse, evaluate and display process and quality measurement data in real time. The interactive reports contain all relevant process parameters. Unlike with the previous system at Sindelfingen, which required data to be entered manually, πWeb uses computer-generated data, ensuring data accuracy and consistency from the CAD system to the evaluation system.

More than a thousand features for each car body in the serial process and several hundred measuring sheets per vehicle type are inspected. Using πWeb also allows the application of MIBA graphics from the CATIA CAD system which is a huge advantage.

The use of the internet facilitates the networking of inspection and error management processes. Errors can be recognised and eliminated before defective components become noticeable on the production line. The system architecture divides the QDB database and πWeb application clearly. This enables access to the database via an open interface with additional applications in the future. A further benefit is the division into three different application modules: πWeb Reporter, πWeb Planner and πWeb Monitor. This allows a different approach to the system depending on the purpose of the application or operation. and