Germany - The company has stated that it will boost output at the plant by some 185,000 units, allowing it to produce one million cars a year. Wolfsburg is already the largest plant in the VW network, currently covering an area of around 70m sq.ft.

"We are planning to increase productivity by 25% at all German factories by 2020 as agreed," stated Andreas Tostmann, member of the board of management at VW, and responsible for production and logistics. "Further efforts are needed at Volkswagen in future to remain competitive, particularly post-2020... A competent, globally leading production network is one of the biggest levers for value enhancement in the Volkswagen Group."

The Wolfsburg plant is currently being readied to make the entire Golf family - a plan that was outlined in the OEM's 'Pact for the Future' plan back in 2016. The facility will also soon be home to production of the new SEAT Tarraco.

The news comes soon after the plant won the Automotive Lean Production Award for the first time - a prize awarded by Automobil Produktion.