Sweden – Claiming an industry first, the OEM says its product uses power-shift gear changes to enable torque to be maintained without any disruption in power delivery or loss of speed. I-Shift Dual Clutch can therefore deliver more comfortable and efficient progress on the road.

I-Shift Dual Clutch is based on I-Shift technology, but the front half of the gearbox has been redesigned and includes new components. The transmission consists of two input shafts and a dual clutch, meaning that two gears can be selected at the same time; the clutch determines which gear is currently active.

“When driving, it feels like you have access to two gearboxes,” explained Astrid Drewsen, product manager for drivelines at Volvo Trucks. “When one gear is selected in one gearbox, the next gear is already prepared in the other.”

I-Shift Dual Clutch will be available from autumn 2014 on the Volvo FH powered by Euro-6 D13 engines with 460, 500 or 540hp options.