PIAB’s new decentralized vacuum sensing system for robotic vacuum handling is a customer-driven solution that provides an output of just one to two signals for handling systems with up to 12 vacuum generators. Each vacuum generator in the decentralised handling system can utilise durable, electromechanical mini vacuum switch in aluminum.

The pre-set VS4118 and VS4128 and can be connected to PIAB’s Switch Junction Box VS40. Manufacturers can now easily switch from a centralised (single or dual pump) to decentralized (many vacuum generators) solution while preventing software issues that can result from signal overload. Preferably installed near the suction cup in a vacuum handling system, PIAB’s VS4118 and VS4128 have preset switching points and a built-in LED that indicates status.

The vacuum sensing system is easily incorporated into existing software and allows for several signals from the electromechanical switches to be connected to a common output, ideal for PLC or BUS-I/O’s that are limited to one or two input signals from a vacuum system. This also allows users to easily change. The vacuum sensing system can be confi gured to serial connect either up to six vacuum switches with two separate outputs, or up to 12 switches with a single output signal. The Switch Junction Box VS40 can be custom set when more than six vacuum switches are needed for a single output signal. The VS40 can also quickly bypass inputs not in use with an internal DIL switch.  www.piab.com