Omron Scientifi c Technologies has expanded its family of patented SGE safety contact strips. SGE-88 and SGE-1510 models are both ffered in EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Rubber) for excellent resistance to ozone and weathering, while also making them well-suited for use in applications with exposure to aggressive chemicals. The SGE-88 mounts with simple double-sided tape. The SGE-1510 mounts with an integrated angle on the profi le, or can be ordered for use with an aluminium-mounting rail. The IP65-protected SGE series is available in six different models. Easily assembled components, moulded end caps, and cables that plug directly into the safety contact, provide maximum reliability. The safety contact is co-extruded as an integral part of the profi le, eliminating the need to ‘fish’ the safety contact into the profile for signifi cantly reduced assembly time compared with competitive products. The safety contact is housed in and protected from damage by an outer covering of nonconductive rubber that allows actuation angles up to 90 degrees. This construction offers low resistance, even in lengths up to 100 meters. SGE series safety contact strips can be an integral part of many comprehensive machine safeguarding solutions. They deliver fast and accurate responses in any number of potential application hazards, including gates, doors, machines, automatic mixers and scissor lifts. Safety edges can be fixed to the edge of a moving part where there is a risk of a crushing or shearing hazard. If the moving part that includes the safety edge strikes an operator (or vice versa) the flexible safety edge is depressed and will send a signal to the power source to stop. -