Rexroth’s new tubular framing system, EcoShape, used in combination with components from Rexroth’s Manual Production Systems (MPS), makes it easy to construct custom workstations, material shuttles or fl ow racks. EcoShape’s easy-to-use design allows users to quickly create new solutions or optimise and extend existing racks. This makes it possible to continually improve assembly line prcesses and avoid errors through the application of the kaizen or poka-yoke principles in a lean manufacturing setting. EcoShape is based on reusable and recyclable anodized aluminium profi les, while also including caps and connection elements. Special adapters from Rexroth’s modular aluminium framing system are also available for the aluminium profi les, for applications requiring high load-bearing capacities. With Rexroth’s connection technology able to compensate for minor length differences, workers can easily cut and set up the aluminium tubes on-site. These intuitive connection elements are bolted together for easy re-use or reconfi guration, while ensuring securelyfastened, high-performance structures. -